Waiting For My Cats to Die: A Memoir

A wonderful, wonderful person named Christine Gourin posted these words about my book, Waiting For My Cats to Die: A Memoir, along with a picture of her gorgeous cat! (I have a soft spot for orange cats.) Thank you, Christine!!

“I will always have this book on my shelf. This memoir is funny, poignant, and insightful. It’s like hanging out with a funny, cleverer friend. With a point. Instead of waiting for my cats to die – to move on, so my “real” life can begin- I learned to love the life I have, fall in love with everyone and everything a little, and add the little bits and pieces and in-between moments of glory up. And it becomes enough. There’s so much beauty in the small things, and it makes a life.”

Puppy Present

It looks like someone is getting a puppy as a present. I know that people advise against this, for good reason, but I’m going to hope for the best. A friend of mine was given a puppy as a present and he ended up being the love of her life, so it can end well.

He looks a little nervous, but man is he the cutest little guy in the world. There’s a puppy at the ASPCA right now in the isolation ward. He has parvo, but it looks like he’s going to be just fine. He was relinquished by the owner and he is insanely and ridiculously adorable. I want him. I’m not allowed to post pictures of the animals there otherwise there’d be pictures of him here already.


Bodhi is the one who starts jumping on me every morning starting around 5:30am, and bat-bat-bats my face with his paw, claws-extended. He doesn’t hit me hard enough to pierce the skin, but just enough to give his bats an emphasizing sting. If that doesn’t work he bites my nose or climbs up on the pillow and bites my head. He bites my freaking head! If my hand or foot is extending out from the covers they become fair game to bite on.

He’s also the one who leaps up into my arms from the floor. It’s irresistible. In exchange, I take him for a walk around the apartment, showing him things he can’t jump up to. This was Finney’s favorite thing, so it always makes me a little sad, but Bodhi loves it too. (Bali does not like to be picked up or carried. Bleecker has mixed feelings.)