Finney Took My Spot

Relaxing.jpg I get all ready to lay down, and while I get myself some water, look who steals my spot. It’s not like he was willing to share, either. Evil. As per usual.

Today I’m going out to look at the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn with a friend, except I think they might have fallen by now. Maybe I’ll suggest going to the garden at the top of Central Park and then walking back downtown through the park. Except it’s chilly right now.

Either way. I feel like lipstick shopping though. Maybe I can talk her into that.

In other news: Getting all excited about all the commercials for my favorite reality TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. Warning, I plan to start a campaign to get everyone to watch it.

Too Beautiful to be Real

Beauty.jpg I was looking at videos on a website for the Hubble space telescope and the videos just looked too beautiful to be real. I even wondered if perhaps they were animations. I know that sounds insane but you have to see them.

I mean, look at that picture. Can you believe how amazingly gorgeous it is? And the colors. Is there really anything that stunning and perfect just … out there? (And I don’t get to see it except in pictures? No fair.)

Kinda makes me feel like we’re wasting our time. Like everyone who isn’t involved in eradicating disease and suffering and making the world a better place in some way should be involved in space exploration. Okay, there are other worthy pursuits, other areas of knowledge worth exploring, but still.

Come on. Look at that. (I just watched Finney do some pretty amazing contortions in order to lick his foot to clean it and that was pretty good, though.)

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Pretty.jpg – The rug gets picked up for cleaning today.

– The window cleaners come on May 7th.

– I’m arranging for someone to paint the bathroom. (I really should do this myself, it’s insane. The room is so tiny.)

– I had the couch recently cleaned because I spilled something (or did the cat throw up on it?) so I’m going to see if I can stretch that out and not get it done until next Spring, I’ll save a little $$$.

– The 8th and the 9th will be my major stay home and clean all day and night days.

– As usual, along with cleaning, my goal will be to get rid of things. I’m the opposite of the Collyer Brothers. I hate accumulating and yet it keeps happening.

– Then I will treat myself to some personal sprucing up things, like a pedicure, etc.

– Then, a couple of weeks later I will have a birthday, and hopefully in my freshly spruced-up apartment, my freshly spruced up self who has a new book coming out next year won’t feel so bad about being another FREAKING year older.

I forget what block this is (BECAUSE I’M OLD) but it’s either 11th Street or 10th. I think. I’m pretty sure.

This is Precisely the Look I Want to Avoid

Grim.jpg No disrespect to Madonna, who I like and admire and is gorgeous, (and obviously is better looking than me) and I’m only talking about this shot, but this is the kind of grim, determined, joyless, goes-to-the-gym-too-much look that I hope never to acquire.

I’ll bet she looks great underneath this hardened, over-processed exterior. I’d love to see a picture of her in jeans and a tshirt, just a little bit of make-up, a softer more carefree haircut, laughing with her kids and her husband.

And me, I should go to the gym more. I only go twice a week. But I think I’ll stay in and read. It’s a rainy Sunday, isn’t that what rainy Sundays are for? I just finished my friend Jonathan’s book, Precious Blood, and that was FUN! Maybe I’ll move onto Founding Brothers which I’ve been meaning to read for a while. After watching John Adams on HBO I’m back in my American history kick.

Kees the Top of my Head – You Know You Must

Mush1.jpg After I go to the gym I will be curling up with him on the couch today, getting caught up on my TV watching. I am on vacation until May 1st and plan to do nothing much beyond reading and catching up on all shows I’ve recorded. No thinking.

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Jonathan yesterday. It was incredibly sweet. And Jonathan pointed out that the star of the movie, Jason Segel, wrote it — very talented guy. Good lord he’s only 27. I’m afraid I have to hate him. And his parents. (Kidding.) Good job Jason and everyone in it and the crew.