The Woman’s Heart Attack

That is the title of this Times piece about the difference between the male and the female heart attack. Most of us have known for a while that the symptoms are different, but in every article I’ve read the symptoms listed for a woman’s heart attack are so broad they make it sound like you could be having a heart attack almost daily.

With a few choice sentences here and there this piece manages to communicate the times when you need to react. If you’re female, I highly recommend reading it.

A detail from a wall of graffiti I liked in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn Graffiti

NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center Clinical Trial

I’m participating in a clinical trial at NYU. Their purpose is to identify biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer. My purpose: the low dose ct scan you get on the 1st visit. Low dose ct scans are recommended for people with a long history of smoking, except they now say if you quit 15 years ago or more you don’t need to get it. I was this close to withdrawing from the study because I quit 25 years ago. But I talked to my doctor, and I was a heavy, heavy, heavy smoker. I’ve decided the radiation exposure is worth the risk. My appointment is this afternoon!

The picture below is of the ceiling inside Grand Central Station. I recently read Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale and the main character has a hide out there. Every time I pass through Grand Central Station I look up and search for a possible opening. Much of the history in Winter’s Tale is based in fact and so I’m sure there’s an entrance to that ceiling. (It must be from the catwalk, of course, but I suspect there is an opening in the ceiling.)

Grand Central Station Ceiling, New York City

Hide me!

Everything is freaking me out today. It didn’t help that I started reading this horrifying article in the Times about a woman trying to get her father out of hospitals and nursing homes so he could die at home. I’d recommend reading this just to know how the system works (and doesn’t work). Which reminds me …

Note to Douglas and Robin and Karen and Peter: That article made me appreciate even more how wonderfully you managed our mother’s (or mother-in-law’s) end of life.

I haven’t read this article yet, about the national panel that found we needed to overhaul our end-of-life care at every level. I will save that for another day.

Now I need to curl up with a pile of cats. I’m writing a new song for my cats by the way. So far it goes: I love you cats, I’d love even if you were bats, but not if you were tarantulas, so it’s really good you’re not.

People watching the People’s Climate March going by.

People's Climate March, New York City, 2014


“Free” cookies on 11th Street. It’s nice, but would you eat cookies sitting out on a chair on the street? I think my problem is I was raised on “Don’t eat apples or unwrapped candy” and instructions like it on Halloween.