Virus and the City: Thank You

This was a sign on one of the docks along the Hudson River. I don’t know who they were thanking. This had to have gone up before the pandemic began, because I took this picture … a week or two ago? But every day it hits me what medical workers, grocery store workers, delivery people and others are risking.

Also, when people thank medical workers please keep animal medical workers in mind. The ASPCA hospital where I work (except not now, I’ll be going back when the pandemic is over) is still open for emergencies and critical care and yesterday I was told that they are as busy as ever. They are risking their lives for those creatures that mean everything to us and I never hear them mentioned.

Virus and the City: Social Distance

I’m assuming these were directions about where to stand outside the post office, which is now closed for the duration. The USPS is not closed, just certain branches. With everyone staying home we don’t need every site open. Notice again that there are zero people out on the street when I took this shot. It’s still mind-blowing for a city dweller to see this every day.

Virus and the City: A Party

We couldn’t meet in person to celebrate my cousin Bill Kaelin’s Nobel Prize, so we did what everyone else is doing, we had a Zoom party! That’s Bill on the middle right. It was a little awkward, but it felt good to connect.

Virus and the City: Supplies

There was a line outside this store and when I looked inside, I saw why. Look at all those supplies!! I’m doing okay, mostly. I don’t have wipes, or masks, which is alright, except now they are saying maybe we should be wearing masks. I do have enough food and cat food (for now), so there’s that. It’s getting harder and harder to get my favorite items and I can’t find Bali’s favorite food anywhere. (But again, I have enough for now.)

This is for my friends on Echo.

This is the original 20 members. How many can you identify? I can’t identify them all. Some you can’t see. This is my apartment. I pushed my furniture back and set up these rented tables and chairs.

While I was looking for that photograph I pulled out a few others. These three shots are from an appearance we made on, of all places, Fox News. This was in 1990 I believe, and it was before they showed their true colors.

Sadly, I also came across lot of photographs of people who are no longer with us. I think I might do a collage one day. This is Danny and Leslie (aka Mrs. Hippie Queen).