Live From My Roof

I know dreams are boring, but I just have to post about this terrible dream I had the other night. I’ll be brief!

There was this massive fire downtown. A few of the tallest buildings were completely consumed and started to topple. Suddenly the fire spread and enveloped all the buildings downtown and they started falling. Then the fire wooshed up all the avenues, shooting out into all the sidestreets and like that, New York was on fire. I stood looking out my window knowing there was no escape. The streets below me were full of fire. I could run to the roof and buy myself a few more minutes, but what would be the point of that? We were all going to die and it was happening so fast no one was going to be able to save us.

I don’t know what could cause something like what I saw, if anything.

There’s more, like the guilt I felt for momentarily thinking of leaving my cats and seeing if I could make it to the river. I want to post this dream just in case, God forbid, it came true. I want to make sure I get credit for foreseeing it.

What a wet blanket I am! Well, here’s a winter wonderland.


Walking to Meet Howard

I’m copying Cara (poor Cara) who recently posted pictures of walking her dogs. I took these pictures of my walk to meet Howard at Union Square.

This is looking east on Perry (with the faithful Marc Jacobs customers lined up in the distance).


Now I’m on Bleecker, and that’s the Magnolia Bakery made famous by Sex and the City. There’s always a line there, too. I’m about to turn right on 11th.


A prettily decorated building on 11th.


This is St. Vincent’s Hospital, which I still can’t pass without thinking of the mobs of people outside on 9/11. Some of them were doctors waiting for lives to save, and most of them were friends and relatives of the missing. All would wait in vain.


Now I’m heading east on 14th Street. I used to hate 14th because of all the cheap goods stores, but I got over that.


This is looking north up 5th Avenue.


Now I’m at Union Square. That guy was running straight at me and I thought he was going to knock me down.


This is looking north up Broadway. Very Abbey Road-ish, no? There’s a Petco on this corner, and that’s where I buy 10 pound bags of birdseed which I lug home, muttering the whole way, like a crazy person. A sample: “Why am I always lugging heavy things?? Why? Why is that? How did my life come down to this, lugging heavy things all the time all over the place?? Tell me. Please.


Now I’m heading back home. This is a church on 12th Street. I should know the name, I’ve passed it a million, billion times. I even recently wrote about it. But I don’t. I’m going to guess St. John’s.


Looking south on 6th Avenue. How magical!


Coming up on the corner of Christopher and Waverly. I often take this block because I hit two petshops along the way. I know they’re evil and wrong and I would never buy a pet there, but I can’t resist looking at the puppies in the window. Wait, is this the stretch with the petshops? I’m losing my mind. Please join me on my walk through Detroit.


All my other shots on the way home didn’t come out except this one. These pigeons are obviously waiting for the lunatic who is willing to lug 10 pound bags of seed all over town to come home.


I’m less sick!

Still achey, but way less. I’m definitely on the mend. So I’m going to try to have a normal working day, which means writing and or/researching.

By the way, that song playing on the video below of the rescue dog is from a new Glen Campbell album from last year called Meet Glen Campbell. I loved the song so I went to itunes to listen to snippets from the rest of it and it’s great! Who knew?? But it’s really great.

This right near Rockefeller Center. I call it Cacophony.


This will make you feel good!

Someone I know rescued two dogs that had been hit by a car (one of the dogs didn’t make it). The other was touch and go for a long time, I couldn’t read all the posts about it, it was so horribly upsetting. I’d ask people to just tell me the barest details.

But Percy made it and Catherine made this video about the year of helping him and it’s just so uplifting. Along the way she rescued some feral cats (keeping two I believe) and just try not to tear up when you see Percy and the kittens!

Still sick!

I’m sorry I’ve been absent and I have lots of email to answer, but I’m still sick. My head hurts like hell! The doctor on call from my doctor’s office didn’t advise going to the ER, he said I should ride it out instead. He also suggested trying different pain killers and that helped a lot. The one I was using wasn’t doing anything, but others make it almost go away as long as I keep taking them.

But I am so sick of being sick, and I am going so stir crazy I am almost out of my mind!! I am tempted to go to a movie or something, but I don’t feel quite up to it, I’m afraid I will make myself worse, or I’ll infect others with this horror.

So that’s my story. I’m mostly lying on the couch moaning. Here is a picture from happier days. This was at the end of my choir’s holiday performance, when the orchestra stood and John turned to face the audience to acknowledge the thunderous applause.