listen out loud / move to keep things whole

I had the opportunity to go to a ballet rehearsal before a premiere. They needed singers for the rehearsal because, in the ballet, at the end, the audience sings. The dancers had never practiced dancing with a live audience, they’ve been dancing to a recording of people doing it. So there was about 8 of us there to be an audience singing.

Here were our instructions: take a breath and then sing any note you want, but then change it to a note you hear around you. Do the same thing with every new breath.

It was great, and I got to see a ballet up close and it was just as exciting and cool as you think it would be. GO if you can. You will be one of the instruments the dancers dance to! But mostly go to see an arresting and exhilarating new ballet. The performances are: 5/18, 5/23, & 6/1 at 8pm. You can get tickets here.

A book party I walked past recently. I asked who the author was and the person who answered only gave me a first name, like that would be enough to identify her. I’ve already forgotten what her first name was! That her inside, in the center, with blond hair. The gentleman outside, third from the left, gave me the nicest smile when I stopped to ask.

Bingeworthy British Television

Look what just came in the mail!! Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching by Sarah Cords and Jackie Bailey. I put it in the window to take a picture for this post, and Bodhi immediately jumped up to check it out.

It’s the next book I will read after I finish The Heavens by Sandra Newman.

Bingeworthy British Television is written by Sarah Cords, who is the author of the great book blog, Citizen Reader, and her Brit friend Jackie Bailey. I can’t wait! AND, I’ve been meaning to explore Brit TV for real. With their guidance I will finally be ready!

Someone Hide Something Good for me to Find!

I looked down and saw this the other day. It had an enchanting Alice in Wonderland-like appeal, and so I looked around …

And saw this! I’ll bet this was a lot of fun for the children who got to participate. Good luck today children of all ages on all your Easter eggs hunts!

Love is Fading

I thought I posted a picture of this years ago, but I can’t find it. Someone wrote the word “love” on each of these exposed bricks. It’s been there for many years, I’m not sure how many, but in my memory it’s at least a decade. I’ve been passing it by almost every day and I’ve grown quite attached to it. I just searched my soul for why but all I came up with it is, I like that someone exuberantly wrote that one day. Maybe they were just falling in love, maybe they were young and couldn’t wait to.

It used to be very clear, but now most of the loves are barely legible. I wish I had an earlier picture. And I wish whoever did this would come back and restore it. Don’t let love fade away completely.