Poor Finney

Finney’s prognosis has gone from bad to horrible, and a prosthetic leg is now off the table. The vet said the tumor is massive and deep, and they’re now saying they’d need to remove part of his pelvis as well. We’ll discuss all the options when the results are back, but it’s highly unlikely I’d put him through removing that much of his body. My questions are going to be more geared toward how long can I keep him comfortable and pain-free.

I took off the cone of shame as soon as I got him home and I’m watching him. I don’t think he can reach the spot where the sutures are, and I’d like to spare him that if I could.


Finney Update

I’m dropping Finney off for the biopsy. If it comes back positive they are recommending amputating his leg. Now, I know pets can do very well on three legs, but this is a sixteen year old cat with very bad arthritis in his back legs. He barely walks now, which means he’d have to balance his back end on one bad leg. He has to use pet stairs to get onto the couch! Will he be able to climb stairs?? A friend recommended a prosthetic leg, which I’m going to investigate, but I don’t know how I’m going to pay for the amputation (credit card) much less a prosthetic leg. Right now I’m hoping against hope that I don’t have to make these decisions.

People park cars, bikes, and now children’s scooters. This was outside P.S. 3 on Hudson Street.


Subway Art

I was telling my sister-in-law Robin Horn, who is a tile artist, about the incredible tile art throughout the New York City subway system. I was at the New-York Historical Society yesterday, which is the same stop as the American Museum of Natural History. There’s some great tile work there. This is just one of many, there’s a lot to see at this one stop.

Subway Tiles, American Museum of Natural History

A close-up of a section from the same wall.

Subway Tiles, American Museum of Natural History

All Finney All the Time

I’m afraid this blog is going to become all Finney all the time, but I thought they were doing a biopsy to test for cancer, but it turns out they were doing another test (still waiting to hear what that test even was). Now I’m waiting for a call from the vet to schedule a biopsy.

I keep planning to do a series of people bring rude. Except, I’m not Miss Perfect and I don’t think it’s a good idea to nurture my anger about this issue (common courtesy going out the window). But last night I took a picture of a woman walking in the bike lane, who didn’t even move aside an inch for the guy on the bike. I have to admit, it felt good to document it. But for the reasons I already mentioned I think I’ll call this one shot getting it out of my system and try to move on!


No Jury Duty

I found a number to call about showing up for jury duty and they were completely blase. “I was supposed to show up for jury duty this morning, but I can’t due to a pet emergency.” They asked for my juror number and said, “We’ll send you another notice in six months.”

Meanwhile, Finney continues to throw up so they told me to discontinue the Clavamox and we’ll wait for the biopsy results before deciding what to do next. I do not have a good feeling about any of this, of course.

Finney on a better day.