Insanely Terrifying Swimming Pool of Death

I’m an avid swimmer, but I would never swim in this pool EVER. There are no safety rails around the pool. Knowing me, I’m sure I’d find a way to accidentally swim off the side and plummet to my death. And what if some crazy person decided you were hogging space in some way, or some other psycho imagined offense, and decided to chuck you off the end? I don’t see any way to get in and out of the pool. Oh, according to the article “a spiral staircase that rotates and rises through the water provides access for swimmers.” Yeah, that sounds safe. What if you need to get out quickly??

Plus, I have a fear of heights. At the end of each lap, as I approached the side, I’d start to feel tremendous anxiety. So for me it would be swim-anxiety attack-swim-anxiety attack, and so on. I will admit it’s stunningly beautiful. Here’s the article about the pool.


My cat Bleeck. He’s a good cat. He likes to curl up with me, but almost every time he does either Bodhi or Bali will come flying up to take that spot, even though they don’t really want it and they will jump down seconds after they’ve replaced him. Bastards.

A Dress I Can’t Possess

I haven’t put up a “Dress I Can’t Possess” post in a while. Quick backstory: I live in a neighborhood with very expensive clothing shops. I frequently pass by windows with lovely things I can’t afford. Mostly it’s fine because I’m not really very acquisitive, but I like this dress! What makes it okay is I’d really have no place to wear this.

That’s Life in the Inferno of Post Modernity

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, we all watched OJ in the white Bronco. People on Echo watched and commented on it live, as the drama unfolded.

It begins (edited down a little) …

Item 550 17-JUN-94 22:31 Jonathan Hayes
That’s Life in the Inferno of Postmodernity!

550:1) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:32

This is incredible.

550:2) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:33

It’s very sad.

550:3) doktor dorje 17-JUN-94 22:33

They are reading his letter, psychoanalyzing him, and following him in a copter on 1010 WINS.

550:4) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:34

Don’t you think they’ll run out of gas soon?

550:7) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:36

I think it fascinating that this banal image, a white car moving down an empty road, should be so riveting.

550:8) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:36

You’re right Jaze — this is the I of PM at its most bizarre and fascinating…This hero is self-destructing live on CNN…

I keep thinking of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot on Sunday morning tv.

550:9) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:36

It’s like foreplay.

550:10) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:37

Great shot right now on CNN — you can almost see into the car…
Just heard they have a hostage negotiator standing by.

550:12) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:38

The radio is now nothing but a series of highway numbers and off ramps and intersections.

550:13) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:38

Interesting tidbit: they traced him via a call he made on the car phone.

550:15) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:40

I think he’s sort of heroic now, in a sad way. I mean most people watching will be so pleased if he gets to his mothers house and it will seem a heroic act. I haven’t expressed myself right. this is so bizarre. I wish he had email in the car.

550:17) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:41

No, Ann, most people are wanting him to:

A) Shoot himself
B) Die in a fiery crash like in a movie
C) Be shot by the Police.

If he’s shot by the Police, THEN he’ll be a hero.


You can read the whole thing here. It’s a snapshot of history. Remember, this was 1994.