Happy Halloween!

I will be agonizing ALL DAY about whether or not to drum in the Halloween Parade, or to curl up and watch it on tv along with all the horror movies I’d love to watch.

I’m still basking in the feel-good glow of the Rally for Sanity yesterday. Let respectful disagreement reign!

Looking down Christopher Street, which is getting all barred up and ready for the parade. Do I want to march down this street tonight? By the time I get to this block I will be close to home and my arms will feel like I’ve carried a 30 ton bolder 1,000 miles.


A Dress I Can’t Possess

And I don’t want to! I don’t have the kind of life where I would ever have a need for such a dress, but still. It’s stunning.

Oh god, that reminds me! The winner of Project Runway? SPOILER ALERT: A couple of Gretchen’s looks were lovely, and I loved the jewelry, seriously loved the jewelry, but come on. Really? I loved Andy’s collection more than they did, but agreed he should have thrown in a couple of wow pieces, but that doesn’t take away from all the beautiful pieces he did send down the runway. But Mondo should have won.

Anyway, I got a rebate for my new phone in the form of a Visa card with the $30 rebate on it. So, I’m going to buy myself a $30 present. Any ideas? It’s weird how little $30 will buy. I can’t even get a pedicure with that. But here’s what I’m thinking so far:

– Two movies with candy.
– $30 worth of ready-made meals from Fresh Direct.
– A bunch of bouquets of flowers from a Korean deli.

What would you do with $30?

Plan B

I tried to get a picture of Finney yesterday, one that captures how cute he is and explains why I put up with the evilness of him.

But, no go.

Because he’s evil. And controls my camera, in particular the focus. My camera just goes spastic trying to focus on him. But this one kinda comes close, and the one below.

I might have a new Plan B for the rest of my life. I was out to lunch with some friends and I was bemoaning my fate. “I want to get a job doing research, and I’m good at it, but everyone wants a library degree.”

“So get a library degree.”

I’ve been tending to think that going back to school and going thousands of dollars into debt is not a good solution, but Marianne emailed a link to Queens College and it looks like I can get an MLS for $10,000. That is a reasonable investment I think, for something that might give me a way to make a living for the rest of my life.

I am now fantasizing all the projects I could do, digitizing various forgotten collections around the country. I’d be in freaking heaven.


Thank you, Metro Baptist Church

I went to the memorial service for Nancy Lewis last night. I’m not religious and I never quite know what to make of people who are, but I was incredibly moved by the community of this church. One person after another got up and blew my mind with their stories, and with their spirit, and their love and kindness. Tiffany made me cry (I think it was Tiffany). She talked about the “burden and privilege” of waiting with Nancy until the funeral home picked her up. The woman who sang, (the whole choir, too) the guy who said he didn’t have many friends and Nancy was one of them, the guy who made us laugh, the ridiculously young pastor (is it pastor?) talking about the elder son. Thank you so much for that service. You did the best possible job of honoring our friend and I am grateful to you all.

That’s the church up on the left under the light.


The Cats are Staring at Me

I always give them a treat about now, before giving them their meds. Thankfully, this is all they remember. They never seem to remember what immediately follows.

Last night our choir director brought in a guest conductor, Jameson Marvin. According to Wikipedia, Marvin “directed the Harvard Glee Club, the Radcliffe Choral Society, and the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum (collectively the Holden Choruses) and has also taught choral conducting at Harvard University.” He was a sheer delight, I can see why he was so popular (I say “was” because he recently retired.)

A lonely skeleton on 11th Street. Get that guy a friend, Halloween decorators!