Choirs Past

This is a shot of the Grace Church Choir from 1958. This is not the kind of choir I sing in. This is a church choir and the Grace Church Choral Society is a community chorus. (We don’t have to be a member of any church or faith.)

I guess it’s not the most interesting shot in the world, but I like to look at the faces. See close-up below.


Unlike a lot of research I do, many of these people are probably still with us. I wonder if they all have copies of this photograph? I can send a copy of the scan to any of them if they happen to stop by.

I’m going to try to find out what happened to the choir boys from when the church first went from a professional chorus to a volunteer choir. None of those boys will be alive, however. This happened at the turn of the last century. Ha! I remember when I used to be able to say “the turn of the century,” but now I always have to say the turn of the “last” century because I’ve been alive in two!


Too hot!

I’m lazing about, watching Wall Street. I think I’m coming down with the cold that so many people have at the Census. Damnit. This is my birthday week!!

I took these pictures last summer, to prove how green 11th Street is. That reminds me, some people at the Census today were saying that women like the women from Sex and the City didn’t exist in New York. It’s not true. I can’t say about now, I’m not part of the nightlife anymore. But there were lots of women like that. They were perhaps not so … soft. They were harder. Like Candace Bushnell herself. They seemed harder, in any case. I don’t really mean that in a bad way. They were just less fairytale.

But that world existed. It wasn’t my world, but I passed it by from time to time. At an opening at the Met, in whatever bar was happening at the time (and someone dragged me to). There’s a million worlds in Manhattan, some of them like that, some a little like that, many nothing like that. They’re all real, all simultaneous. What was I doing? Oh yeah, going to grad school at night, then starting a business. I stopped partying pretty early.

But back to lovely 11th Street.



I found the ruby slippers!!

The end of the first Oz book always killed me, at least the way I remember it and I may be remembering wrong, it was a long time ago.

But as I remember it, Dorothy is whisked back home but as she’s flying through the air the ruby slippers fall off and are lost in the desert.

Aparently I didn’t understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction when I first heard (read?) this story because I was just beside myself with frustration. The ruby slippers were in the desert somewhere and no one had found them yet?? Why was no one looking??

Well, here they are!

These shoes were just sitting out like this.

Anyway.  So You Think You Can Dance is back!!  I don’t like the idea of having only 10 finalists though.

Hot Weather. Ugh.

Yesterday was a miserable sign of miserable weather to come, I guess. Plus, we were promised a rainstorm which they took back. Well, at least we have today. Maybe it will rain today!

I was working at the Grace Church Archives scanning photographs yesterday. This was from a series of wartime photographs. When I grew up singing around a piano was a regular activity. Every house had a piano. It doesn’t seem to be done anymore. What happened? TV, I guess. Which I love. But I miss all the singing around pianos.