An Eye to Freedom


It’s probably too small to see, but what’s on my screen is Echo and the results of a google search of legumes. I can never remember what they are but I know we’re supposed to eat more of them.

My Litterbox Invention


I’ve always had a cat that sits in the litterbox, but pees into the wall. Finney is the one who does it now. With these plastic flaps (made from shower curtains) the pee hits the flaps and drips back into the box. Thank God he doesn’t pee off the unprotected sides.

Please forgive me for not cleaning the litterbox before taking that shot. I hope my cat’s pee doesn’t offend you.

Update: My latest and best litterbox invention/solution.

The Wall Next to my Desk


Cricket’s present is to the left of the Christmas ornaments (presents from a fireman and a cop).

The large drawing on the very left is a child’s drawing of 9/11. I have a collection of these. The painting above that is a Steve Keene. The two paintings to the right are by an artist named Laurie L. Balmuth. They are my absolute favorites.