New Story Sites

catlilac.jpg Who doesn’t love lilacs? (That’s Finney sniffing the lilacs.)

My friends Matt Belanger and Marianne Petit who helped, she says she was a sidekick, have two new websites. Here are descriptions that Marianne sent me, but just go. I love this sort of thing, these collections of stories, and I love how Matt does them. You’ll see what I mean if you go.

Disappearing Places is both an archive and collective map of places that no longer exist, at least not as they once did. Users can upload stories and images about a place, link them to a corresponding location or street address and tag them accordingly, as well as browse the stories and places other individuals have submitted.

Time Indefinite is both a repository of significant moments and a collective timeline so that we can chart where we all stand in time next to each other during our individual significant moments. Users can upload stories and images about a specific moment in time and tag them accordingly, as well as browse the stories and moments other individuals have submitted.

(PS: I can take Marianne in a fair fight.)

It doesn’t look any different!!

What the hell?? My desk make-over is apparently a total flop. I was going to put a nice, tall house plant where the lilacs are now (lilacs are in season, YAY). It would have been quite dramatic and make-over-y. But I decided I prefer buying myself flowers from time to time instead. Oh well.

I’ve been cleaning for two days, and if nothing else, my apartment is nice and clean and relatively organized. I think I might take tomorrow off. That reminds me. I saw two movies recently that I would recommend. The Host and Hot Fuzz which stars the Shaun of the Dead guys who I just adore. I wish they were my friends so I could hang out with them and play video games. (I don’t actually play video games, but it seems like the kind of thing they would like to do and it would be fun with them.) I watch Shaun of the Dead every time it’s on TV. It never gets old. Hot Fuzz was great too, but it’s hard to beat zombies, but still. It was great and totally worth seeing.


Spring Cleaning!

I need a break from writing so I’ve decided this weekend will be my spring cleaning weekend. I love spring cleaning. Not only will my apartment be freshly, wonderfully clean and organized by the time I’m done, but I give myself various rewards at the end. For instance, I’ll go through all my clothes and figure out what I don’t wear, doesn’t fit and take them down to the local church thrift shop. My reward: one piece of replacement clothing!

In addition to all the usual stuff, my desk is getting a makeover. It’s not bad as far as messy desks go, and after reading that Times article that was very convincing that some clutter is better than excessive organizing the object isn’t so much to clear it. For instance, those two piles on the left? I need them, and according to the Times, a few piles like that can be a good thing. Nonetheless, there must be someway to make it all look better, even with the clutter. So this is my before shot.


A Cat Belly and ME on TV!

belly3.jpg I was talking to Chris yesterday about the perfection of our pet’s bellys. There is nothing more vulnerable and sweet and endearing than a cat (dog, etc.) belly. Here is Finn’s.

In other news, I’ve got a birthday coming up and I find a video of me on the Charlie Rose show from 1994. 13 YEARS AGO. If you’re curious about what I looked and sounded like when I was still a sweet young thing, go here. Christ. I was still in my 30’s. This was just before Mosaic, which became Netscape, which became everything we have now, when Gore was calling the internet the Information Superhighway. God I loved and still love that man.

Please give it another go Al Gore. PLEASE run again.

Welcome to New York Nadine and Company and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

There is no relation between the title of this post and this picture. I just like to have a picture in my post every day, and this is today’s. It’s across the street from one of the movie theatres I go to and I call it the “I Quit, Give me a Burger and a Cupcake and Take Me Now Cafe.”

Nadine, a reader of this blog, is visiting NYC with a friend this week and I wanted to say hi! Apparently they brought the president with them, so thank you for the all-day gridlock, Nadine and friend!! (Kidding.) But it’s also their BIRTHDAYS.

Speaking of which, I prefer the cupcakes at the Cupcake Cafe on 18th between 5th and 6th, and a great place to eat lunch is on that block, City Bakery. So if you have time, you could go to those places one day, but you should definitely get birthday cupcakes at the Cupcake Cafe.