Why I Can’t Have Nice Things: CATS

I got the most beautiful flowers the other day, but I can’t put them out on my desk where I can see them all the time, or on the coffee table, because CATS. I tried putting out flowers a month or so ago and Bodhi and Bali knocked the vase over within seconds, sending me scrambling to save my computer, books and papers. I put these flowers down briefly to see if they would still try to knock them over and yes. They would still try. Jerks.

My First Cat Picture With My New Camera

I haven’t done anything with the settings yet, this is straight out of the box. I’m in love with my great new camera, and Bali of course, pictured here. Even though today is my day off the cats did not let me sleep a single second longer than I would on a work day. Sob.

The Cover for Damnation Island, My Next Book

Okay, please overlook the fact that my name was misspelled! I’m sure it has been corrected. I love this cover. Those are the ruins of the Smallpox Hospital on the southern end of what is now called Roosevelt Island (I wrote about the 19th century, when it was called Blackwell’s Island).

Damnation Island

1,000 Kittens

The ASPCA threw a party to celebrate the thousandth kitten we’ve taken care of at the Kitten Nursery (we’re well past that number now.) This is me blissfully doing something we are never ever allowed to do: hold a kitten without a gown, gloves, and bonnet on. (I also kissed him!)

In this shot I’m holding Gorgeous, one of the many kittens from my section. A month ago Gorgeous was a mess. He buried his head in his food as he ate, and despite my cleaning him twice a day, he lost patches of hair from the encrusted food. Because of that he was briefly a ringworm suspect. (That’ll teach you, kitten.) Gorgeous was a delight though. He was always ravenous. There is nothing more satisfying than a kitten who eats everything you put in front of him, vs the kitten who won’t eat anything leaving you stressed that you’re kill him by starving him to death.

ASPCA Kitten Nursery

Giselle and Iris also taking advantage of the opportunity (that’s Gorgeous again on the left).

ASPCA Kitten Nursery

Yeva, who is going to run the animal rescue world one day (Note to ASPCA: promote that girl) Iris, and Dylan, who is giving me his “I am on to you” look.

ASPCA Kitten Nursery