Looking For Milo

These missing cat signs are posted all over the West Village, and new versions appear from time to time. As a result, whenever I’m out there I’m looking for Milo. He’s been missing for a while though. What a nightmare for the owner.

This is the Dress

I got this dress at Macy’s. It needs alterations, they didn’t have my size, but it was the only dress I liked so I got it. I hope it will do. Ugh. Looking at my arms now though, I wish I had gotten longer sleeves. Maybe if I do more push-ups?

I Need a Gown, Wish Me Luck!

I’m going to a white tie event next month in Newport, RI, to celebrate my cousin’s Nobel Prize. But I need a gown. A GOWN. I’ve been asking around to find out where you can even find one that’s affordable and everyone is suggesting Rent the Runway.

The only thing I worried about with Rent the Runway is if you rent by the day (or days) then I would need to wait until right up until the event to pick one. I don’t know about not knowing what I’m going to wear until days before. And everything is sure to be too long, I’m short! (I can’t wear heels, foot problems.)

I’m going to spend the weekend searching at a bunch of places that were suggested to me by friends on Facebook. If I can’t find anything I like and can afford I will fallback on Rent the Runway.

Here is my cousin accepting the Nobel Prize.

Check Out My New Header!!

My friend Jackie added Bodhi, Bali and Bleecker to the banner. Of course I now look like a truly crazy cat lady, but I don’t care. I love how they look. Especially Bodhi who is second from the right. I caught him with that special look which says, “What? Your attention is on me now? You know how this ends.” (He pounces. Pain ensues.)

A sign I saw the other day.

My Blog is Getting an Update

My friend Jackie is updating my blog so it’s looking a little off lately. It still needs a few tweaks here and there. We’re also going to try adding pictures of Bodhi, Bali and Bleecker to the banner. I hope that works out. I don’t have the greatest pictures of them, but we shall see. Here they are, hanging out on the bed.  The one thing I love about the new blog is there are room for bigger pictures!