My Next Project: Window Cat Bed

I want to fashion a cat bed for this windowsill, something that extends onto the desk as well so three cats can fit if necessary. The problem is the desk sits maybe two inches lower than the sill. I guess I could just get something that thick to sit under the bed on the desk side. A bunch of books? I’d like to find something that doesn’t look messy.

It has to be rectangular, very plush so they are laying on a nice cushion, and bolstered sides so they have something to curl up against. I was thinking I’d buy a small comforter and try to sew it myself. The problem is, I’m not at all handy and I don’t have sewing skills.

Christmas Eve Eve Scenes in New York City

I took a few shots while I ran errands on Sunday. For the record, one of my errands was buying a cookie sheet, which I somehow managed to lose before I got home. I also bought some nice cheese for my Christmas Eve lunch at work. I wanted my lunch to be nicer than my usual salad, but when I got home I saw that they somehow didn’t manage to ring up the cheese or put it in my bag!

So I had my usual salad at work yesterday, but I did have some very delicious bread to go with it so it was okay.

Is she carrying a candle? Or does it just look like she’s carrying a candle? I think she might be carrying a phone and there something in that window that looks like a candle and it just lined up perfectly against her phone. Or, maye she is carrying a candle.

I envy everyone who doesn’t have evil cats and therefore can have Christmas trees!

A window box with tiny ornaments.

A Cat Bit Me. Again.

A cat bit me at the ASPCA yesterday. It’s nothing serious, but I so hate taking antibiotics and this doctor prescribed two! It’s because I’m allergic to penicillin and I guess nothing compares to penicillin and you need two if you don’t use it? I should have just asked, but I was stuck in wtf-mode. I just googled it and even doctors who are conservative about prescribing antibiotics make exemptions for cat bites, and particularly cate bites to the hand, and that’s of course where I was bit. The cat who bit me was very sick and I hope she’s okay. I’ll find out when I go back to work tomorrow.

Here is the tree at the main branch of the New York Public Library. A book I requested is in and I could go there today, but I feel like curling up and relaxing at home.

A Productive Library Day

It was a good day at the library. The materials I found gave me ideas for how to structure the proposal I’m working on for my possible next book. It was great because on my way to the library I was feeling defeated. I wanted to go one way with the book, my publisher another, and I needed a compromise that both sides could get excited about.

Skaters behind the library. The park behind the library, Bryant Park, becomes a skating rink in the winter. I’ve never learned to skate and it looks so fun.

Little Match Girl Series

I live in a very wealthy neighborhood even though I make very little money myself. I was lucky enough to find a rent stabilized apartment over thirty years ago, and I don’t want to think of what my life would be like without it.

The only thing is, when I walk around sometimes, and look in the windows, I see such fabulous scenes of affluence I feel like the Little Match Girl shivering outside. Sparkling chandeliers, tall towering Christmas trees, amazing works of art around the apartment, lush furniture. I’m not anti-rich people, but I do covet their pretty things sometimes. I thought I would do a series of pictures of what I see. I just had a flash of deja-vu. I think I’ve had this idea and posted about it before. Just looked and I have!

This isn’t one of the scenes I just described, it just made me think of it. It’s a nice display though.