New York Public Library 1949

Gothamist linked to a bunch of photographs of New York from the forties.  I copied a few to do before and afters, but this one doesn’t really need an after.  It’s unchanged.  I just the love the snow, and the feel of old New York, even though in this case it looks exactly the same today (well, today if it was winter).

I’m going to this today, a lecture about some EVP tapes made at Lizzie Borden’s house.

Reason for Kill-Age, Take Two

Okay, I think this will work better.

Except I think the cats might balk at the encroachment of the new curtain on their litter space.

But this was my only other option to drape it.  Not very elegant.

This is just so insane.

Why can’t I ever ever ever ever have normal cats??

It’s me, isn’t it?

Oh please work.  I don’t know what else to do.

By the way, no bird have shown up at the bird feeder yet.  Pigeons and starlings have landed on the fire escape but they totally ignore the bird feeder.

I filled it with black oil sunflower seeds, which I read was best for the widest variety of wild birds.

Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

Finney sometimes pees off the side of the litter box so I fashioned these “curtains” to catch the pee and direct it back inside the litterbox. My big fear was one day he’d pee off the right side, where it would be tricky to hang a curtain.

It happened, except it was Buddy.  I looked all over town for a completely covered litterbox that would fit in this space.  That curved pipe is a problem.  I bought the smallest one out there but it was too big.  (It’s going to an animal shelter.)

So back to putting up a curtain.  I’m not sure if this is going to work.  I had to drape it underneath that pipe and up again and I’m just not sure it’s going to work as a pee re-director.

I’m on the verge of tears over this.  (I know, I know.) I wonder if I should try again to hang that in front of the pipe somehow.  The issue is finding a flat surface to affix the hooks.  I need help!! Okay, going back in there.

Next Week I Turn … Even Older!

Relentlessly older.  Someday we’ll all be the kind of people kids will make crypt-keeper jokes about. Except it’s a reference that may be gone by that time.  Ha!  Like being that old is SO far away the cultural references of today will be wiped out!  Hahaha.  Right.

Anyway, I’m doing everything I can to make sure I don’t feel blue next week.  My apartment is spruced up, I’m spruced up.  You wouldn’t believe all the work I put into trying to sell my book every day.  It’s insane.  But it’s crucial to my future.  I’m also doing everything I can to fix whatever I’m unhappy with about myself, therapy, meditation, eating well, exercising, etc., etc., etc.  And more etc.

It’s all so on June 3rd, if nothing else, I feel some sense of peace.  Meanwhile, I still fantasize about getting a dog.