Reading Tonight! 11/30 at 8PM

I’m reading at a bar called Rocky Sullivan’s, tonight at 8PM. Rocky Sullivan’s is an Irish bar at 129 Lexington, between 28th and 29th.

If you’re not sick of hearing me read, stop by!

It’s Concert Week!


Everything about our concert is lovely, including the flyer. The dress rehearsal is Thursday. I can’t wait. Dress rehearsals are fun because you get to sing with the musicians, but it’s more low-key than a performance. (I also love the “high-key” of the actual performance.)

Help is Here!

I’m starting to meet people who know what they are talking about. Carlos Alvarado, Ph.D has been helping me, pointing me to books and journal articles. He told me about J. B. Rhine publishing a skeptical article about the medium Mina Crandon, better known as Margery. Rhine was the head of the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, although not at the time. When the article was published he was studying philosophy at Harvard (or had just finished). Then Dr. Alvarado sent me this amazing picture of Margery.

UPDATE: More (and better) pictures of ectoplasm on my other website here, here and here.


Oh yeah. This is going to be an interesting book to write. The best part though, is what followed the publication of Rhine’s doubting piece. That is really what my book is about. As I found when writing about the police, their investigations are fascinating, it’s true, but so are the politics and the passions behind the scenes. Joseph Rhine had a complicated personality, but he was the right man for the job. And so was his less visible right hand man, Gaither Pratt.

One of Us is Working Today


And one of us is waiting to hear how they did in the contest!

I’m a little freaked about all the work I have in front of me. It’s all interesting work, I’ve got to go through a pile of new information on the 1945 missing persons case in West Virginia (five children either died or went missing on Christmas). I’ve REALLY got to dig in with the Duke Parapsychology Lab book.

But what did I do yesterday when I had an entire day free to get to work? Got caught up on TV. CSI, by the way, was great. As was Without a Trace.