Back From Census Duty

They are so nice to me wherever I go. I was at a senior center today and the people working in the kitchen insisted on feeding me even though I ate before I got there. So I accepted a banana, orange juice and later someone else brought me a cookie.

This is where I’ll be tomorrow, where they don’t have a kitchen. Maybe they will offer prayers?


People Send Me Pictures!

Barbara sent me more pictures of the bird I’m pretty sure is a made-up bird. Doesn’t it look like something out of a cartoon? I probably said that the last time. But look at this guy. Not real!

So I read this on TV Tattle:

“SYTYCD will pair 10 contestants with past all-stars. Mia Michaels will return as judge and choreographer as So You Think You Can Dance undergoes several changes, including the reduction of finalists to 10 dancers who will be paired with all-stars.”

Well, Mia coming back is great. And I love the idea that we will see past favorites again, but if they’re not my favorites this could be annoying. But I will withold judgement. I’m open to experimentation.

More pictures! Karen sent me this picture of Holden Beach, North Carolina. What do you think Rick? Pretty restful looking. I should have explored outside Durham.


ChemoCat Update

I need to take Buddy to the vet next week for his monthly check-up, but he looks good. I’m pretty sure he’s gaining weight. He seems downright sturdy to me. And the omega 3 fish oil I’m giving him is doing wonders for his coat.

This first shot is followed by his “sexy” shot.


Doesn’t he look like he’s in a cat porn film? I took this to show his belly. Not only is his hair growing back, but he actually has a belly again.


No Work Today

This fire hydrant was in the woods between three houses on Edsall Avenue and the Harlem River. It was weird. It wasn’t all that far from the houses, but it was at the bottom of a hill. There must have been another road at some point.

Today is a day off! I’m thinking I’ll go out and get a Cosi sandwich and come back and watch movies on my computer. Not very ambitious, I know.