If You’re in NYC on March 11

A friend of mine has a book coming out pretty much at the exact same time as mine does. I can’t attend her New York book reading because I’m going to be in Boston do a reading in the same night!  

But if you’re going to be in New York, you should go. She’s very smart, charming, funny and a great writer.  The book is Gimmie Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams.

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
Street: 126 Crosby Street, New York, NY

“In this engaging and personal look at the home-buying process, Williams takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster of fear and envy as she illuminates some of the market pressures that lie behind the nation’s current financial crisis.” — Booklist (starred review).

Starred reviews are hard to get!  Woohoo!!  Congratulations Mary Beth!

Look up!

Balloons!  I’ve broken down and made appointments at:  the hair salon, the place where I get facials, and a pedicure.  I have to get up in front of people next month.  I really need to feel pretty.  Hey.  I forgot to buy myself flowers.  Stupid.  Well, tomorrow.

It’s That Kind of Day

That excites you for Spring.  The most beautiful breeze is coming in the window right now, and I heard a sound that was just like a lawnmower, although it couldn’t have been.  No lawns in New York City.  But the sound!  And the breeze!  And the sunlight!  Oh, please hurry Spring!

Maybe I should buy myself flowers today.  I haven’t in a very long time (financial crisis and all).

Trying to Remain Calm

I’m feeling a little stressed out.  The pub date for my book is March 10th and I’m doing everything I can think of.  What is today?  (I never know.)  February 27th.

What else could I have done with my life?  Not that it’s a bad life, in fact it’s mostly great, but I do find that I am regularly put in the position of having to do things I’m not good at.  Or, is that everyone’s life?  We all feel like that?  I want so badly for this book to do well.  But we all want things, and as that saying goes … damn you Rolling Stones!!

I took this picture the last time I was down at the WTC.  They were putting up these posters all around the perimeter of the site.