Here’s What’s Happening in NYC


It’s Sunday morning and it’s a winter wonderland. That’s the view out my front window. Time to go out and build a snow fort.

After I make sure I’ve got everything ready for my trip to West Virginia tomorrow. The last time I left NYC was … I can’t remember. I went to Bermuda and Paris in the 80’s. Oh wait, I went to California in the early 90’s. That was the last time. It’s been ten or more years. And next month I going to North Carolina for THREE months.

Well, 700 boxes of treasure await me at the Duke University library. I should be okay.

An Old Psych Ward

Missing Photo! A photograph was here! Don’t know where it went!

Last weekend my friend Kevin and I visited the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center. We tried briefly to find the graveyard but no go. The picture above is of one of the doctors residences. There is something so beautiful about the abandoned. My camera died with that picture, but there are many great sites about Kings Park.

Here’s one.

And another!