I love the Nassau County Police Department!

usnassau.jpg They found the records for the 1958 poltergiest case I want to write about!! YAY!! When a family in Seaford, Long Island experienced disturbances they couldn’t explain, they called the police. Who else were they going to call? The police were skeptical, of course, but then an ash tray flew at one of the detective’s heads. I’m in touch with the family of that detective, Joe Tozzi, who went on the become a police chief in Texas. Joe has, sadly, passed on. But his family tells me that while he remained skeptical, he had to admit he didn’t have an explanation for that ash tray, and that always disturbed him.

Gaither Pratt came up from Durham to investigate and he and Tozzi got along well. Gaither found no evidence of fraud.

Joe Tozzi’s wife Carla very kindly Fedex’ed a tape of an interview with Tozzi that aired on a show called The Armstrong Circle Theatre. I’ve been trying to find this. I went to the Museum of Television and Radio, but they didn’t have it. And then Joe Tozzi’s family came through!

Thanks to the Nassau County Police and the family of Joe Tozzi, (Carla, and their daughter Anna) this is going to be a really good part of the book, I think.

Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage

choir.jpgIt’s September. That’s the beginning of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, which is one of the pieces my choir will be doing this season. It translates to: Celebrate, rejoice, arise, praise these days!

MAKE ME. Just kidding. Although I basically spent yesterday curled up in a ball, and today looks like it might be shaping up the same way. I barely recognize myself these days.

The rest of the Oratorio:

Glorify what has been done by the highest, abandon fear (if only, God knows how long I’ve been working on that one) banish lament (working on it!) raise your voices in celebration and gladness. Serve the highest with glorious choruses, let us honor the name of the lord.

Here’s what I take away from that: Abandon fear, banish lament, abandon fear, banish lament, abandon fear, banish lament, abandon fear, banish lament, abandon fear, banish lament.

Admirable goals, I think. Easier said than done, I can’t resist pointing out, but quit lamenting already (talking to myself).