A Mineola Tree Grows in Johannesburg

Ian saw my post about mineola oranges (my favorite fruit) and said that he had a mineola tree that he grew from the seed of an orange he bought in a vegetable shop.

I asked him to send me pictures and here they are!

Check it out. Pretty amazing. I never would have thought to do that. Granted, I have no earth about to plant things, but still. Pretty cool that you did that Ian, and I am jealous of your garden.

There’s a picture of one of the flowers from the tree below. No fruit yet he said, but we expect pictures should an orange ever appear!

Speaking of gardens, I finally went on the Highline yesterday, both before and after a party celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Interactive Telecommunications Program and NYU. (That’s where I went to grad school.) The Highline is a run of old elevated railroad tracks along the west side of Manhattan. After that line shut down, over decades the tracks become overgrown with local vegetation, weeds mostly I guess, but it was beautiful. It’s now an elevated park.



I’ve been in an upgrading frenzy this past couple of days. Ugh. I once got so behind in upgrading my operating system that when I finally got around to it, it was quite traumatic. The change was too great. I never want to repeat that. So I’ve been updating, updating, updating. Still at it really, but I need to take a break.

In the meantime, for Echo’s billing system I still use an ancient ibook and programs as old as the hills, all running on OS 9 because I don’t have the money or skills to move to a newer billing system. Whenever something goes wrong I’m terrified because there are fewer and fewer people who even remember how to do things this way to help me.

Here is the old organ at Grace Church. We got a lecture about the history of the organs at Grace Church, which was surprisingly fascinating. You can’t really tell in this picture, but that organ is up on this second tier, in the front of the church. If you scroll down one post you’ll see where it is positioned. We’re not allowed up there.