I just spent ten minutes searching for a relatively recent picture to crop and put up as my new Twitter picture. I wanted something where you could see me more. This is the result. Hmm. Screw it. I’m just leaving what’s up there. Who cares.

Morning! Finney has to go to the vet for blood work this morning. Soon I will be outed as the total get-that-cat-thinner failure that I am. I will also be getting wet because I’ve never managed the how to carry an immense cat and hold an umbrella at the same time thing. Good thing the vet is only a few blocks away. And no one will be sitting outside at cafes, watching me struggle by.

That was a nice speech, Gov!

I liked Cuomo’s acceptance speech. It made me happy. I’m safe here.

Here’s my little tubbette. I’m dreading speaking to the vet, because I have not managed to bring his weight down at all. I’ve done everything. Found lower calorie food, AND I’m feeding him less of it. I could try to exercise him more.


I Voted!!

I was so scared, because they changed the voting method and what if I was no good at it? First we took our ballot into a little booth, photographed below. That’s my actual filled-out ballot. You could zoom in and see who I voted for. (Cuomo. He’s cuter. Yeah, sue me.) (Okay, that isn’t the real reason I voted for him.) (I think I mostly voted for him because it’s as close as I’m going to get to getting Mario back.) (No really, I think he’ll do a good job.) (But the thing about his dad is a little true.) (As is the thing about him being cute.)

Then you went to the other side of the room and scanned it in. They wouldn’t let me take a picture of the scanner without first getting permission from someone who wasn’t there.


The Quiet Life

I just read Brian Eno’s Wikipedia page—actually, the truth is, his life is so packed, his accomplishments so freaking countless I only skimmed. I couldn’t even get through reading about such a life, much less live it. My whole life is one of his days.

I went to read his bio because whenever I read a Brian Eno quote I like it. Who is this guy, I thought. I know he’s a musician, and he’s collaborated with some of my favorites (David Bowie) but really, who is he? I still don’t know. But now I know he went to art school because that was in the first paragraph.

Two hours later: I completely forgot about this post! I’ve been puttering. My original plan for the day was write for three hours, go to Grace Church and listen to the organist play Bach at noon-ish, come back and buy tons of catfood, (preparing for the coming apocalypse) and then get ready for choir rehearsal.

I totally forgot it was election day (too upsetting) and as I said I’ve been puttering and haven’t written a word beyond this.

I have to rethink my day now. Well, I have to vote. I can listen to Bach tomorrow. Same with the catfood, I can get that tomorrow.

Okay, new plan: shower, vote, write, choir rehearsal.


At the last minute I brushed my hair, put on some lipstick and ran off to the Halloween Parade. It was freaking FREEZING. FREEZ! ZING! Seriously, it was so so cold, and the wind was blowing. But I’m glad I went. Saw some old friends, got some exercise. This tuba guy from the next band over starting jamming with us. That’s the kind of thing that just makes me really happy. They were a jazz band, we were a samba band, I don’t know, it’s like moslems and christians holding hands and praying in the same church. Sorta. Kinda. Anyway, it was fun and sweet.


I got the sense that it wasn’t a great parade. I didn’t see the all-out effort I usually see with costumes. But I only get a narrow view. The parade is huge, and if you’re with a group you have to register. Then you get assigned to an area where you’ll wait to march and those areas are designated by pumpkins, ie, pumpkin 1, pumpkin 2, etc. We were lined up behind pumpkin number 3 and maybe all the good costumes were behind the other pumpkins.