Street Finds

This chair was out on the street not far from where I live. It looks like something I’ve seen on Antiques Roadshow, it’s a bit Eames-ish. I like it, but I didn’t take it home.

Those are the Jane Street Christmas trees in the background! It’s a Vermont guy named Billy Romp and his family and friends. He’s been setting up there for 25 years now and he wrote a book about it called Christmas on Jane Street.

Any Needless Animal Suffering is Wrong

I forget how it came up, but at Thanksgiving dinner someone mentioned how an ER doctor said they were seeing more rat bites because a new poison is being used that is driving them crazy. And causing them more pain, I’m guessing.

Yesterday, I passed by a dying rat. It wasn’t moving much, and it was very clearly suffering. I almost burst into tears. A different roll of the dice and this could have been someone’s pet. It’s just this small creature, and it was in pain.