It’s a Snow Day!

Maybe it’s less fun for people in Boston and out on Long Island (hello family!) but I plan to go out there and play shortly. I took the shot below on the roof last night. It was windy and absolutely freezing.

I’ve also got this insanely long list of articles to read, plus my blog for my book The Restless Sleep has been broken since I moved Echo’s webserver onto a new machine and that has to be fixed. I’m afraid to try. It involves learning new things.


Chorus America Give the Best Writing Assignments

This was a teeny one. They asked a bunch of people to write a few lines about their favorite choral movie (or movie with a great choral scene, etc.) I chose Amadeus. I’ll post a link to the piece when it comes out.

I took this on my way into Grace Church, where we sang Mozart’s Requiem for the first time this season. The Requiem is one of the pieces we’ll be singing at our spring concert. That’s in addition to Randall’s Thompson’s The Last Invocation, yay!! (I wrote about that piece in my book.) To hear a tiny snippet of it, here’s a link to a version at iTunes.


Happy New Year! Thank You Alchemy Computer Solutions!

I had to make an unscheduled move and upgrade to Echo’s computers last night (in addition to writing books I run a social network and online service called Echo). I lost yesterday’s post in the process, and a lot of sleep, but not as much as my tech Jonathan Kay, of Alchemy Computer Solutions.

If you’re a small business and you need a Unix/Linux system administrator and/or someone to set up and manage your WordPress blog, you could do no better than going with Alchemy.

I mean I ask you, how many companies would immediately respond on New Year’s Eve, in the evening, when it has suddenly become clear that you have to move everything off of one machine and onto a virtual server, like, right now?? How many companies would even be reachable? Jonathan dropped everything, all his New Year’s Eve plans, and stayed up all night to do it. I owe you big time dude, thank you.

I think I might go back to sleep. Here is Bleeck, taking a break from general house destruction (including the couch, as soon as he’s done napping on it).