Will the United States ever be great again?

It feels like our country keeps sinking and sinking and sinking. We’re behind so many countries in just about everything. What is there to celebrate about us?? Seriously. On the 4th of July, what can I point to that our country is doing that is truly great? And please don’t name things other countries are doing, and better.

I know I sound so negative, but I’m still reeling from the recent revelations about Blackwater, and the supreme court decision about Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby will still pay for viagra and their male employee’s vasectomies. How is that fair and just? I know this is a very difficult issue to find a middle ground on, but the Affordable Care Act was amended so birth control could still be provided by the insurer, but without direct involvement by the religious organization. I don’t understand why this wasn’t sufficient.

This makes me thoroughly committed to the idea that government should now be the sole conduit for healthcare.

The pool where I will soon be spending all my evenings going back and forth and back and forth, 140 times a night. 140!!

Tony Dapolito Recreation Center Outdoor Pool