Anyone with burn experience?

I burned my hand on a pot. It was a little worse than the usual burn, so I googled how to treat it. All the sites I went to said if it was a burn on the hand see a doctor, especially if there was a blister, and it looked like one was starting to form. I went to a walk-in clinic and they said no blister, it’s a first degree burn. Great! But I woke up this morning and now it’s definitely blistered.

I’m not sure what to do. It’s small. An inch long and a half an inch wide. It’s dry. Also, it doesn’t hurt. Ugh. Plus, I have a dentist appointment in a couple of hours, for something that is probably going to be no fun at all (possible root canal).

One last Halloween shot, because I like the cat and the skeleton mice.

Halloween, West Village, New York City, 2015

The October Project and the Book of Rounds

My first real feel of the absolute bliss of harmony was in the 5th grade, singing a round called Good Night. I’d sung rounds before of course, but this one was different. I got that rush. I’d give anything to sing it with a bunch of people again. It went:

Good night, good night
Time sends a warning call,
Sweet rest it sends to all,
Time, time sends a warning call,
Good night, sweet rest it sends to all.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a video of people singing it, but I did find a bunch of people talking about memories of singing it, so clearly others were transported by it and never forgot it.

When I spoke on a panel about singing at Yale earlier in the year I met a singer named Marina Belica who was involved with the October Project, and she told me they were coming out with a collection of original rounds, the Book of Rounds. I asked her to remind me when it became available. Because if I never forgot a round I sang a few times almost fifty years ago I’d say rounds are a powerful introduction to singing and harmony. And haven’t we all been singing the same rounds for, I don’t know, centuries?? I should add, rounds are not just for beginners of course, and the rounds in this collection would be satisfying for choirs and a cappella groups to sing.

You can hear their original rounds here (and also buy them) or follow the first link I posted and buy the actual book of the rounds and/or the CD or MP3s.

NYC Marathon 2015

Before I get to my short movie, I just read this article about this huge jump in mortality rates among middle aged white Americans with a high school education or less. It’s pretty horrifying and sad, and the comments are very interesting and informative.

About my movie, it’s really just a few snippets. I didn’t get anything great, alas. But I love the bits with the squirrel and the guy juggling that showed up in the footage I got when I turned around and showed the runners entering Central Park. The last part is me trying to go to the finish line, but you had to have a pass for that spot.

Too Much Cheering

I gave myself laryngitis from cheering too loudly and for too long at the Marathon yesterday. Then, on the way home my leg slipped between the subway car and the platform! Very scary. You always hear about that happening. I’m fine though, just a few bruises.

None of my pictures of the Marathon came out to my liking. I might make a short movie from a few clips I made. Not that they’re any better, but they have some nice views of the City and Central Park is so pretty right now. I’m including a shot in case I don’t get around to it.

New York City Marathon, 2015

New York City Marathon, 2015