I swam 50 miles this summer!

Fif! Ty! 5! 0! Okay, that’s only two more miles than I swam last summer, but that’s still a personal best so it counts! I’m heading in the right direction, more not less. Yay me!! For the moment I am the picture of health.

I went to the link listed and this is actually an ad for a new movie (War Dogs). I like it. I thought it was an art project/political statement, but it works as a clever ad for a movie.

Movie Ad

This is the World Now, Flood Victims

Michael Cervis held a benefit at Joe’s Pub on August 21st for the West Virginia flood victims. Although we probably have a whole new set of flood victims from Hermine, you can still donate here. This is not a great shot, I know, but I had a wonderful time. He rounded up a great group of musicians (in addition to his fabulous self!).

Michael Cervis, West Virginia Benefit