I’ve Never Seen The Handmaid’s Tale

Because the book traumatized me! These silhouettes were in these windows last year, and I’m happy to see them back. Although the scariness is still too real for me. I was 17 when Roe V. Wade was decided, so when I read the book, it was almost too soon. And here we are, back again. And they’re back again! I can’t take it! (But great job, great Halloween display.)

Halloween is coming!

The first Halloween decorations I spotted in my neighborhood. I also noticed how spectacularly beautiful this building is. In one of my books I wrote about feeling like the Little Match Girl sometimes, seeing how some people live. This is one of those places! That said, there are certainly a lot worse things than being a poor person in this neighborhood. I’m lucky!

My Cousin Dr. William G. Kaelin Jr Won the Nobel Prize!!

There is no way to announce this calmly!! I mean, OH MY GOD. The Nobel FREAKING Prize!! I’ve posted proudly about my cousin before, but NOW. I couldn’t stop screaming when I first heard. I could barely breathe. MY COUSIN HAS WON THE NOBEL PRIZE!!! In medicine!!!! Holy shit!! Congratulations, Bill!!