Thank you, Mood

I needed some velvet upholstery fabric to patch over some holes my cats made in my couch (it’s going to look terrible, but who can afford reupholstering??). They didn’t have what I needed at the first place I stopped, but they had it at Mood! They were so nice too. I only needed a small amount and this guy went to their remnants pile and pulled out exactly what I needed and the piece only cost $5!! Please scroll down for a shot of a cat with my Mood bag.

July 4, 2020 Military Flyover

The sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t see if any of the jets had even made it into my frame! Luckily I got a few shots, and I am particularly glad that the stealth bomber was among them. The first time I saw a stealth glider I didn’t know one was going to fly by. I was sitting on the river and just happened to look up. It was the most amazing non-animal thing I’d ever seen in the sky, and the fact that it doesn’t make a sound made it even more beautiful. It was just this silent, gliding monster.

The jets were flying north to south down the Hudson River, and I believe they were heading to Philadelphia next.