Virus and the City: Awful Headlines

I woke up feeling okay, and then I read the headlines like, “Coronavirus Was Slow to Spread to Rural America. Not Anymore.” The worst was this one: “41 Transit Workers Dead: Crisis Takes Staggering Toll on Subways.” I guess in the scheme of things 41 is not such a big number, but it feels like a huge number to me. “More “than 6,000 more have fallen sick or self-quarantined.” Normally I take the subways every day, and for the most part the people who work for the MTA are so nice. I can’t count the times I’ve gone flying for the subway doors as they close and then they miraculously open again. That’s because some conductor took pity on me! Thank you.

I’m dying to go back to work (I love working at the ASPCA’s hospital, helping to save animals) but when I think of it the only part that scares me is the subway. It just seems like it would be one of the hardest places to be in and also keep yourself from being infected. I would only have to face this twice a day. Workers would be there for an entire shift. I’d walk if it wasn’t so insanely far away from where I live (it’s a five mile walk there).

I’m so sorry for your losses MTA. Watch this video to be utterly charmed by subway workers (and the people who made this). We have lost 41 of them. It’s horrible.

Virus and the City: Thank You Essential Workers

Written on the sidewalk in front of Lenox Health Greenwich Village, the closest health care facility near me. This was where I went when I broke my arm. And when I thought I cracked a rib (I didn’t). But then ….

There was this set up on the south side of the building. What do we think this is there for?

Virus and the City: Staying at Home

I was trying to get a walk in every day, but the calls to stay at home couldn’t possibly get any louder. They were saying it was okay to go out for a walk to exercise, but you don’t hear that so much anymore. Or at all. Now I’m trying to go to the grocery store less and buy more.

I took this on a walk to Tribeca. It’s a nice two mile walk there and back. Sigh. I always felt so much better after a decent walk.

Virus and the City: Masks

I haven’t worn one so far, but I will now. T***p, of course, immediately undermines the CDC recommendation he announces by saying he chooses not to wear one. It is so completely despairing that this is the person we have during this crisis.

I never thought I’d say this, because I’m more like Jon Oliver and I can’t wait to go back to being annoyed by him (and despairing of him, too), but thank god for Cuomo.

I’d bought these masks for something, but I couldn’t find them when I looked. They turned up yesterday during Day 1 of my yearly Spring Cleaning. On to day 2! My big question is, should I do a laundry, usually the last Spring Cleaning task, or should I stay home?

Notice how the masks say, “Misuse may adversely affect your health.” That’s because they are just meant for house dust, as it says, and if you think it’s going to protect you for anything else you’re in trouble. But we’re in “it’s better than nothing” times.