My Pet Bat

This guy is hanging in my window RIGHT NOW. He’s like a mouse with wings. He’s very cute, but I worry about him and my cats. Either they are going to hurt him somehow, or he will hurt them. He’s on the other side of the screen but still. Claws and teeth can get through screens.

UPDATE: I put up a second screen. I feel better now.



I just said, “CATS!” And they’re looking at me like, “what? We’re playing here, okay?”

I’m in the window!


It’s set back from the street alas, you don’t really see it like you do the ones that are taped to the windows. Oh look! You can see an outline of me taking the picture.

Today’s Photo Shoot


I think this guy is really talented. I had instructions not to smile, so I look kind of sad. I wonder what I was thinking about.

An Eye to Freedom


It’s probably too small to see, but what’s on my screen is Echo and the results of a google search of legumes. I can never remember what they are but I know we’re supposed to eat more of them.

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