How to Write Effective Email: Tip 1B

Tip 1B. Be Honest About What You Want

Be honest about the true goal of your email. Sometimes people email me asking me to read something they’ve written. Or to listen to a theory or idea they have. Okay, fine, but why? It’s not enough to say, “I’m Jane Doe and I’m writing to see if you’d be willing to read this book proposal I wrote.” What are you really hoping will happen? You have search your heart and once again, be up front about it. You have to go on to say, “I’m hoping you’ll be able to suggest an agent” or whatever.

I’m using this type of example because I get this a lot, but the logic applies to many email situations, both professional, personal, and romantic.

Bite the bullet, tell the truth. Don’t be rude and demanding about it of course, you must still be polite and respectful, but you stand a better shot of getting what you really want if the person actually knows what you really want.

Tip 1A here.

Tips to come:

Tip 2. Give them What They Need to Give You What You Need
Tip 3. Come up With a Reason Why Should They Help You
Tip 4. The basics.

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