New TV DAY!!

Delivery is scheduled for between 11 and 1! I’ve infected the cats and they’re all excited. Right now Finney is crying because I won’t let him bite me.

Here’s my preinstall shot. The green cabinet is now next to the crappy red file cabinet to accomodate the much wider TV. I bought a wood plank and put it on top of the green cabinet to bring them up to the same height. It’s a mess, isn’t it? Maybe I can make it look good once the TV is here and installed.


My New HDTV Arrives Tomorrow!

I think I’m going to be ill. I always feel sick when I spend a significant amount of money on myself. The last time I felt this sick was when I bought myself an upright piano (which I later had to sell). But it should be great, right? I love TV. I watch more than most people think most people should. It gives me pleasure. Why shouldn’t I add to something I enjoy? Why shouldn’t I have a great TV??

Pity the guys who have to carry it up to the top floor of five story walkup, though. Did I mention that it weighs 140 pounds? I will have nice tips ready.

Here’s my before shot. Oh man, that file cabinet looks so crappy. Well, I have to save money now. I’ll just paint it or something.


Views of My Apartment

My apartment insurer recommends taking pictures of my apartment and the things in in it.

This is the nicest piece of furniture I own. I got it because my apartment doesn’t have any closests. Seriously. There isn’t a single closet in my apartment. That’s Buddy on the floor.


This is where I sit and work every day. It’s a pleasant spot. I always have fresh flowers, although I’ve been thinking I should just get one really gorgeous plant.


Beware Satan’s Fur Puppet


You can see how he got the nickname, right? Ways Finney makes my life hell:

– Bites my feet.
– Reaches out and claws me when I walk by sometimes.
– Loves to knock things off things.
– We’ll be curled up on the couch, peacefully, when suddenly he’ll use me as a launching pad. Maybe he saw a bug or something. It involves digging his claws in before springing off, and it happens too fast for me to do anything about it. I’ll just be left stunned, bleeding and crying. He weighs 18 pounds, so you can imagine the damage. Still, I love the little monster.

Here is Finney lulling me into a false sense of security.