Holiday Concerts aka Life Has its Moments

I may not be that great at it, but I do love to sing. Our director John Maclay put together an incredible holiday program, each piece lovelier than the next. AND, this year we are also giving a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday, December 18 at 6:30 and 8:30 pm. If you can afford it ($60) it’s a very happy, festive place to hear gorgeous music. I love their tree.

Otherwise, you can hear us for a lot less ($20, I think) at the astoundingly beautiful Grace Church:

Friday, December 2 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, December 3 at 4:00 pm

Look at this magnificent place. I mean COME ON. Humanity has an excuse for existence because of people like James Renwick who designed the building, and the various composers who wrote the music we sing in it. (That’s me in the middle left. See me?)


My Computer is in the Shop

That’s why I’m posting less, and will be posting less for hopefully no longer than a week. My camera is fixed! But I can’t upload pictures until I get my Powerbook back.

Meanwhile, in case I didn’t mention, the new TV show Commander In Chief is abso-fucking-lutely incredibly great. I love every character in it, both the good girls/guys and the bad girls/guys.

I’m unhappy to hear that Steven Bochco is taking over for Rod Lurie and plans to put his stamp on it. Bochco (is that the right spelling?) has done great stuff, but since this was Laurie’s baby and what I love is what Laurie did, I wish they would move hell and high water to fix whatever problems they are having with Laurie (or work on Laurie’s problems) and stop talking about changing it. West Wing was never as great after Sorkin left, and so I fear the same thing will happen with Commander In Chief. I was instantly taken with the show, the characters and the intrigue. I just love it.

I Want a Puppy


This is my friend Cricket’s dog Bean as a puppy. Bean is still this cute. I think Bean loves me. She should visit me.

Meanwhile, the HDTV ties with my ipod as the best thing I ever bought myself. Everything looks stupendously gorgeous in HDTV, although I’ve noticed not all HDTV shows are created equal. For instance, CSI, it’s like you’re there. It’s mesmerizing. You can’t take your eyes off the beauty of each shot. But other shows, they say they’re HDTV, and they certainly look better than regular TV, but they’re not nearly as packed with details and saturated and lush as CSI.

Isight After Version


I just realized I can use my Isight camera to take an “After” snapshot. I also just realized for the first time that the Isight camera reverses left and right. Weird. Why is that? It’s freaking me out, when I look at the before and after shots.

Anyway, that’s my new TV!! I smiled practically all the way through CSI last night, it was so gorgeous in high definition. (Hey, you can see me in the screen, taking the shot.) Actually, you can’t really tell the size of this thing in this photograph. I need another picture with me standing beside it, so you can see how it dwarfs me. You know how you can tell? Look at the chair. Imagine a person in that chair. That kinda gives you an idea of how big this TV is.

My “After” Shot

My camera broke at the crucial moment. Until I fix it, here’s my artist’s rendering. Even though I had the measurements, somehow I didn’t understand how big this TV is. It overwhelms my Lilliputian apartment. But I don’t care. I love my new TV. I have no plans to leave the house at present.