I love the perfume guy at Bergdorf’s!

I went to Bergdorfs to buy a bottle of First perfume, which I had run out of, and while it was being rung up I gushed, “I just love this perfume,” because I do and I was so happy to have a new bottle. One of the men who worked there said, “Wait a moment. I’m going to get you a present,” and he went off and came back with a box with two First scented soaps and a tiny travel sized bottle of First perfume!!

The power of gushing!!


New Bed for the Cats

I bought a cat bed, a special self-heating cat bed (it has a layer of mylar inside). I was afraid they wouldn’t use it and it would be a waste of money but here (the grey one is Buddy – you can see from this shot why I frequently say to him, “Who is my great big bear of kitty? Who is the biggest kitty of all time?? Buddy!”):



The pattern clashes with the rug, but I have since tried the other side, which is all black, and they sleep on that side, too.

Halloween Parade 2005

I swore last year would be my last year, but not drumming in the parade felt like saying, “That’s it. I’m done. You all go on without me. I’m just going to rest here until I die.” So I went. The weather was perfect, and it was fun. I looked for the Cold Case detectives, to see if they were working the parade, but I didn’t spot any. When I got home there was a call from a few of them. They were there! Oh well. Too bad. They look so cute in their uniforms. Okay. Turns out I’m not ready to lay down and die just yet.

I tried to get an action shot:


This is me and Ellen and Madeline afterwards. Jesus. I look like such a doofus. Oh right. I AM a doofus.