New Bed for the Cats

November 3rd, 2005 Posted in Uncategorized

I bought a cat bed, a special self-heating cat bed (it has a layer of mylar inside). I was afraid they wouldn’t use it and it would be a waste of money but here (the grey one is Buddy – you can see from this shot why I frequently say to him, “Who is my great big bear of kitty? Who is the biggest kitty of all time?? Buddy!”):



The pattern clashes with the rug, but I have since tried the other side, which is all black, and they sleep on that side, too.

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  2. By Barbara on Nov 3, 2005

    My cat thinks he owns the place and refuses to use the nice kitty bed I bought for him. He prefers my pillow and I annoy him because I want to use it for sleeping.

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