Bean is Missing

smallbean.jpg My friend’s dog Bean is missing since Wednesday night. I’ve posted pictures of Bean before — I love this dog. She somehow got out of an apartment on 17th between 2nd and 3rd.

There’s a $1,000.00 reward.

Bean is a puggle, (a mix between a pug and a beagle, she is a smallish dog). She has been missing since Wednesday night.

If found please call: 917-612-8086.

I wonder what else can be done? I put flyers up around her neighborhood. Maybe Gothamist would be willing to post something?

But maybe not. Then they’d be deluged with requests like this.

The New TV Season is Here!

george.jpg That’s George from Grey’s Anatomy. Love George. I love Izzy, miss Denny (why oh why oh why). Here are my quick thoughts about the new season, from which you will get the idea that I have no life and wonder how I manage to accomplish anything besides watch TV.

Just taking up space here in order to push the rest of the text down to underneath George’s picture. I could have blank space, but that wouldn’t look so good. Here we go!

Grey’s Anatomy. The show I think I’m most looking forward to returning.
Bones. My other favorite show.
Lost. I was getting very annoyed, but I’m still in.
Jericho. Please be good. The premiere was just okay.
American’s Next Top Model. Quit making that face. Try it. It’s really entertaining, I swear.
Gilmore Girls. I miss my girls.
Supernatural. I miss my boys. (And the actor who played Denny is their father!)
Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin. Sports Night. West Wing when it was good. The premiere was only just okay, but I still have great expectations. His good guys are always my kind of good guys.
Criminal Minds. For the first time in my TV life I don’t hate Mandy Patinkin.
House. Love Cameron’s new hairdo.
CSI. I watch the original and CSI: Miami. I don’t like the NY one, but I will give it one more try.
Invasion. Is it gone or what? I really liked it.
The Office. Steve Carrell is currently my favorite person on TV, but we have a scheduling difficulty. I have to see if this repeats on another night.
Shark. James Woods seems like such a ugly human being. But he’s entertaining to watch.
Smith. I don’t even know what this one is about, but friends are telling me to give it a try.


This is what it sounds like in my house. Me talking babytalk to Finney and Buddy, periodically all throughout the day. “Monkey” is one of the 16 billion million katrillion nicknames I have for them.

UPDATE. Oh God, I was going to go the library today, before I remembered it was Monday and it was closed. But I just read Bush is going to be at the library today (ew ew ew) to discuss literacy (hahaha, no seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me, literacy? Bush??).

Work, TV, Book?

table.jpgThis is my coffee table which sits in front of my couch, all of which sits in front of the TV. I brought my work over and was sitting there thinking, I could work on my chapter, continue reading that book on the left (quite good so far, it’s called Brimstone) or watch TV.

Work, TV, book, work, TV, book, work, TV, book. What did I do? What, are you kidding? I watched TV even though there was nothing on except re-runs! (That actor who plays Denny on Grey’s Anatomy though. Be still my heart.)

Isn’t this a terrible piece of information?

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – More people kill themselves each year than die from wars and murders combined, but most suicides could be prevented, two international experts on suicide said on Friday.

Some 20 million to 60 million try to kill themselves each year, but only about a million of them succeed, said Dr. Jose Manoel Bertolote, a mental health official at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

I cut and paste this from somewhere, I forget where, but it’s from this month. In my mind, I immediately had this bird’s eye view of the planet, showing millions of people furiously trying to end it all. It was just so sad. We’re not on the ball about something. Or was it always like this? If you went back a hundred years would the percentage be the same, even if the numbers were smaller?

It reminds me of a very moving book, Wisconsin Death Trip. The author, Michael Lesy, found an archive of photographs taken in the 1890’s of a town in Wisconsin called Black River Falls. He went through old newspapers and found that it was a particularly sad time. People kept dying, often by their own hand.

It’s an incredible book. I read it in one sitting and when I was done it was like walking out of a movie. You know that feeling you have for a few seconds after a movie, like you were in a dream and have to come back to the real world?