Voting for Blake

idol2.jpg I’m rooting for Blake. He’s just more interesting to watch. Jordin is sweet, but bland. I want Blake to do something totally unexpected and risky tonight! Will he?

Twelve Hours Later. I wrote that this morning, and since then can I just say I have had a hellish day?? Except for the nice lunch with a couple of detectives from the cold case squad. I really like those guys, I have to say. And my friend Chris had a day from hell yesterday (or rather the day before) and it’s always good to to help a friend. Plus, she convinced me I didn’t have Alzheimers, so that was good. But MAN. I’m still trying to shake it off. (Bad day at the doctors.)

Thank God for television and American Idol. I’m just going to curl up on my couch with a nice sandwhich and potato chips and Smarties for dessert and turn the world out and just enjoy the cute kids singing. Look at this guy — adorable, right?

Fantasy on 10th Street

Doesn’t this look like one of the living statues from Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast? I love that movie. Time to watch it again. I found this on 10th Street, on the same block as the firehouse, I think it was. I notice it’s not just a face, but a flying, snake-head face. They just don’t make flying snake-head faces like they used to.

Meanwhile, my arm is killing me, and I haven’t worked on my arms for weeks, and probably won’t for weeks more. I’m going to have very built-up legs and weak arms. The opposite of Popeye.


The Dance Parade

Of all the people there, I wanted to be with these girls (and be them) the most. Seriously. I want to learn how to dance like that. Look at them!!


Here is my band! The big guy with the big drum who keeps holding up his stick is Anthony. I love Anthony. We used to stand next to each other when we played at SOB’s every week. I’m a leftie and he’s a rightie so we would be constantly wacking eachother with a drumstick in my case, a mallet in his. The girl in the hat at the end is the fabulous Ellen. You can hear me shout “you sound great!”

For contrast, here are some swing dancers. Love the swing dancers.

Here’s my band again, (Manhattan Samba) at Washington Square Park after the parade.

I loved these hats! They’re like that great hat whatsherface (Joanie?) always wore in Deadwood. These are like that. It’s the addition of a scarf that makes it. Must get a hat and tie a scarf around it.


Here are the drummers for the belly dancers …


And here are the belly dancers! What a great freaking idea this was. Thank you people who thought if it. I had the best time. I love people again. Thank God in addition to all that is bad there are people who think of things like this, execute it, people who learn how to dance, people who learn to play music, people who work for the city who help it happen, and help the parade run smoothly and happily, and the people who tidy up afterwards.


Dance Parade Today

gater.jpg First, I stole this picture from Cute Overload, but it’s just so cute I had to have it. Second, this picture has nothing to do with my post today. It’s just cute for cute’s sake.

I was supposed to drum in this Dance Parade today, but I sprained my arm, and I was going to drum anyway, the hell with it, but I’ve been doing stuff anyway and it’s getting worse so I have to stop doing that. But this looks really really fun. I’ll be watching.

They’re starting at 1PM at Broadway and 32nd and they’ll be dancing down Broadway to Washington Square Park.

Here’s just the beginning of the list of dance groups who will be there, but this gives you an idea of how cool this thing is. (More info here.)

SET Order Company Name

A 1 Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre
A 2 CDC Kids N Teens
A 3 Nassa Company INC
A 4 Cameroon
A 5 Ballet International Africans
A 6 Asabi N’goma Dance Theatre
A 7 Le Petit Versailles Le Petit Versailles Dancers
A 8 harambee dance company
A 9 PDM Performing Arts Corporation

B 1 Sounds of New Orleans Mardi Gras
B 3 Valeria Entertainment
B 4 Gypsies and Genies
B 5 Samira’s School of Belly Dance
B 6 Manhattan Tribal
B 7 Public Dance Theater
B 8 Raritan Valley Dance Ensemble
B 9 The Young Hoofers
B 10 Jack FM
B 11 Flo Dance Team

C 1 DJ Kool Herc Production
C 2 The Foot Klan
C 3 Best Kept Secret
C 4 Hip Hop in The City
C 5 Miss Audrey’s Dance Studio
C 6 CrazyCee Productions
C 7 Haunted Posse
C 8 Afro Mosaic Soul Dance Collective
C 9 Hudson Heels
C 10 The Legendary House Of KHAN
C 11 Dancers 4 Dancers NYC

D 1 Pacha
D 2 House Dance International
D 3 Kind Recordings
D 4 Punk Rope

A New Theory of the Universe

Lanza.jpg I read all these articles yesterday, but I have to say my favorite was A New Theory of the Universe by Robert Lanza in The American Scholar. I wonder if he is taken seriously, thought a quack? I also read about the new supercollider they’re about to turn on in Cern, which felt like on the other side of the science planet in approach. Can’t wait for them to turn it on to see what happens. I’m hoping for magic.

Oh! Tonight my band is playing at a gala at the Museum of Natural History. I just read all those thrillers written by guys who used to work there. I hope I get to wander around the museum, with a drink in my hand. Maybe people who work there will sneak me into some musty old storeroom filled with treasures that have been filed away and forgotten for decades. I’ll find this box, hidden behind some big old piece of equipment. What’s this, I’ll say. I don’t know, they’ll answer, then frown. It’s not on the accession list (is that the word museum people use?). We open it up and it’s filled with jewels and a mummy. NO. A ZOMBIE. Totally a zombie. He comes to life! Havoc ensues!