Ladder Cat is Stalking You

Finney loves climbing the ladder.  Buddy is back from the vet, and we’re putting him on prednisone for IBS.  I feel bad, because I can’t help thinking that if I had started treating him earlier with more gentle methods like slipperly elm we wouldn’t have had to take this step.

Don’t Tell Buddy But He’s Going to the Vet Today

He’s had bowel issues for a while, which I’ve been trying to address, but now he’s loosing weight. Today I’m taking him in for a sonogram.  Poor little guy.  I hope it’s nothing.  And he’s just got anxiety issues or something.

A day after I posted a picture of a tour group and mentioned the Sex and the City tour groups eating cupcakes, I passed by the same spot and there was a Sex and the City tour group eating cupcakes!

Busy Day

Feeling frazzled already and Monday has barely started.  But I have to run out for therapy, so maybe I will feel less frazzled when I get back.  Here is Finney who jumped up on the couch last night while I was watching and posting about the Oscars.  Of course he has to sit on the keyboard.  This is him going, “What?” when I said, “There?  Really??  Of all the possible spots?”

Look at that face.  Do you think I moved him?  (No.)

How could you not love Mickey Rourke??

I cannot resist a man who could love a little dog so much.  Very endearing.  And TIM GUNN!! My hero!!  I’ve missed you so!

Other thoughts:  Kate Winslet looks the best, Meryl Streep looks better than she ever has, Jessica Biehl, oh dear, and such a gorgeous girl too, and man is my coffee table cluttered.  I guess I should address that.  More thoughts: Diane Lane looks stunning, Frank Langella is who I would like to see play J. B. Rhine, tied with Gary Oldman, look at Meryl Streep’s beautiful daughter, and Penelope Cruz man oh man.  Okay, need to feed.

So many things to be scared of, so little time.

I’m not comfortable with these tanks on the street. That can’t be safe. How can that be safe?

Drunk drivers, terrorists, etc.

Anyway, I think I might live blog the Oscars.

Or, I might be too lazy to life a finger.  I might just lay on the couch, commenting to myself about the clothes.


“Don’t want.”

“Wouldn’t look good on me.”

“Where was her stylist?? Does she have no real friends??”

I haven’t seen many, if any, of the nominated films.  Did I already post that?  I’m downloading one now.  Afraid to say which in case the downloading police are reading.