How long until the birds discover it??

I bought the bird feeder!!  Karen, how long before birds start showing up?  Me and Buddy and Finney can’t wait!  I had to fashion this very crude way of attaching it to the fire escape, using a wire clothes hanger. I need to find a hook thing.  Plus I’m afraid of heights and it really took a lot to lean out and put it up.  I don’t know how I’m going to replenish it when needed.

Someone Got to Live Here

While I was looking for a picture of the Isador Straus summer estate I came across this picture of the Wheelock Mansion on 661 West 158th Street.  It’s dated November 10, 1937 and it was taken by Berenice Abbott.  That’s Manhattan!  It’s like a beautiful, Jean Cocteau-imagined fantasy but it’s (was) real.

Still Love This House

I know I’ve posted pictures of this house before, but I still love it.

Woke up feeling miserable, don’t know why, but I’m doing what I can to alleviate it.  I bought myself lilacs, went to my local library branch to find out if my access card can be used to take out books because I thought the idea of all the money I could save not buying books might make me feel better, (it can and it did a little) had a burrito for lunch and strawberries for dessert.  

What else can I do??

Finney just curled up in my lap.  That should help.

I have my monthly meditation meeting tonight, except I really want to curl up in a ball and watch tv instead. That’s probably not the right choice though.

We’re so vulnerable as a species.  Some of us are anyway.

Okay, I’m going to go figure out how I order my library books online so they’re there waiting for me at my local branch.

A Great Ghost Story

Except it’s on my other blog.  But I worked like a dog on this posting, telling this story!  Hopefully it’s worth going there to read. 

Here’s a picture of some workers, down at the World Trade Center site, taking a break, which I will now do as well.  All this blogging!  So exhausting!

Love the Cold

This is the Hilton taken from the graveyard at St. Paul’s Chapel.

I took an iphoto class yesterday so today I’m going to take a bunch of pictures and experiment with making them better.  

Oh, and I’m going to post a ghost story I researched on my Unbelievable blog.  But I want to go out and shoot a movie of the spots I’m talking about first. They’re all close by so I can do it quickly.

Blows my mind.  I was saying this in the iphoto class yesterday.  I am old enough where it just blows my mind how quickly technology is progressing.  That I can post a story, which I researched mostly online by the way, and shoot a movie to go with that and upload it in seconds, I mean the world just go so much more fun.

Someday there will be little cultural differences. Everywhere all over the world we’ll be so much the same.  I don’t say this in a “we are the world sense” but connection changes you.

I wonder what if there will be any physiological changes as a result of constant all encompassing access?