Roof Views

I saw this picture on the Greenwich Village Daily Photo, it’s from the guy’s roof. It made me want to take a picture from my roof to figure out which part of the Village we both live in. Here’s his (and yeah, he’s a better photographer, sigh). Oh and this is looking south, toward the World Trade Center.


And here is from my roof. I should have taken this closer to sunset, the colors would have been prettier. Moving on. I definitely live further west than he does, but without knowing what lens he used, it’s hard to compare how far uptown we both are. Those two spire buildings to the right of the tallest building in the center are totally missing in his picture. That’s weird. They must be behind something in his. I also can’t quite figure out high up he is compared to me. It looks mostly the same. Maybe his is a little higher?


RIP Rose Harrington-Coulter

A dear friend from my 9/11 volunteer days died last night: Rose Harrington-Coulter. That’s Rose in the middle at St. Paul’s Chapel, where we both volunteered. But the picture below of Rose and Jean Pascuiti is how I always think of her. They always came to the chapel together.


Rose and Jean volunteered in the kitchen, which was the hardest job in the chapel. Working in the kitchen meant a lot of lugging of heavy things, working over a hot stove, fewer breaks. (I served coffee. It was a lot less work and I got to flirt with cute rescue workers.) It’s just further proof of how wonderful they both are and how much sadder the world is now without Rose.

She was just so nice and fun and funny. Jean said she was ready to go and it was peaceful. But man. This whole having to die thing sucks. Rose you were an absolute great and fabulous woman and I am so happy and proud that I got to meet you and become friends with you. Jean emailed me that “I think we all aspire to live life as Rose did,” and she is right.


11th Street

I’ve been writing about 11th Street and I took pictures because I thought there might be a chance that no one would believe me about how lush it is. It’s not even the most lush block in the Village, it just happens to be the one I walk on a lot. They’re doing some construction, alas. It ruins the shot a little.


A Window I Liked

This is from a men’s clothes store on Hudson Street. Here’s a close-up.


And here’s stepping back a little. If they are at the beach they are very miserable right now. Unless they curled up inside drinking mimosas and talking about old times.


Madison who?

There is a plaque beneath this tree which reads:

1836 – 1936. This tree from the Virginia Estate of former President James Madison presented to the city of New York by the Fifth Avenue Association, Inc. to commemorate the first centennial of the opening of Madison Avenue.

It’s in Madison Park (23rd and a bunch of other streets). I realized I couldn’t come up with a single fact about Madison beyond the fact that he was president, and yet New York City loved him enough to name an avenue after him. Why? He must have done something really great for us. Googling. Okay, apparently it all got started because some guy named William “Corporal” Thompson had a farmhouse and this site and he named it Madison Cottage. He was the Madison fan. From there we got Madison Avenue and then Madison Square Garden. Madison, Madison, Madison.

Madison was the “father of the Constitution.” I should have known that. Embarrassed. He was also one of the authors of the Bill of Rights although initially he was against writing them, and one of his reasons was “it was dangerous, since enumeration of some rights might be taken to imply the absence of other rights.”

It just started raining. Big storm coming apparently. Not a good time to be in Madison Park.