I’m Sick as a Dog!

I think there’s a possibility it might be swine flu! But a mild case, at least so far. I’m going to go curl up now. And try to sleep.

I am SO glad I went out yesterday and went food shopping. Often I don’t have food in the house, I just go out when I get hungry. So I’m all set for staying inside and resting.

This is Buddy in the window, just minutes ago, practically live.

Happy Christmas Eve!!


You are pretty freaking gorgeous. I pulled out some Christmas books. The Dickens of course, and an old Mary Higgins Clarke Christmas story (every single one of her books is the exact same book written over and over and over and over again, someone will ignore someone else, someone else won’t remember some key thing, but have a vague sense that they are forgetting something, there’s two guys, the bad guy and the good guy who the heroine will get together with by the end).


Birds and Snow

North Carolina Karen sent me a picture of her birds in the snow. Which inspired me to take a picture of mine, but of course there was only one up there when I went to grab a shot.

First, the country birds!


And the city bird! You can see how my fort, which I took down after the snow, created a nice snow-free zone around the feeder!


We’re Almost There!

Someone took a picture of us caroling at Paddy O’Reilly’s!! I took one look at this shot and decided to get a haircut. I need something that works better with wearing a hat all the time. The guys singing around me (the only people I could hear) had beautiful voices. Really beautiful.

Oh, before I forget, I keep meaning to post this. When I was looking up which subway to take to get to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine I saw that people actually reviewed churches and this one review for St. John’s was amusing:

St John the Divine Cathedral 1047 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025-1798
Poor performance – Sep 17, 2009

Beautiful Cathedral, but did not fulfill on promises. Material provided promised entry into heaven by following several simple rules. After obeying those rules, and consulting with third party experts, was assured that necessary conditions were not met and that, in fact, their advice would lead to damnation.

Currently a Wreck

But at least I don’t have to worry about the birds. They made it to the feeder, even in the snow. Good, smart birds!!

And my fort totally worked. I had a lot less snow to shovel as a result, too. So, the birds are fine.

I’m fine too, really. I went back to work on my singing proposal, based on my agent’s edits and so far so good, but I haven’t got to the hard part yet. The painful part. The big huge slash and burn part. Knowing it’s looming is making me a little insane.

But these are luxury problems. I’m well, all my friends and family are well, and the cats are mostly well. Health care is looking good!!

I just imagined the birds walking in the deeper snow. They must have completely sunk into the snow, so they’d have to do this rocking thing in order to lift each leg to take another step.