I took a picture of the huge magnolia tree in front of Grace Church, but it didn’t come out well. Maybe I’ll put it up later anyway. It’s just about to bloom and I wanted to do a before/after.

I am feeling so seriously stressed out right this moment. I’m like: okay I have to practice for my reading on Sunday, get to the bank, buy kitty litter, oh yeah and FOOD, and get Buddy to the vet and do Echo work, and Census work and choir rehearsals, and how do people manage with all the stuff we have to do in order to live, with all the errand running and cooking and cleaning, and UGH. And somehow in all that I must fit TV. Bones and Fringe return tonight!!

I could meditate. But who has time?? Seriously, I should meditate. Always helps.

Oh yeah, I also want to post about the pope. But later.