Spring Cleaning and Noam Chomsky

Thanks to my friend Chris, I got to see Noam Chomsky last night. He was supposed to talk about justice and injustice in the fifties, and he did, but he really talked about justice and injustice throughout all the decades he has lived. Ultimately, he left me a little depressed. I agreed with much of what he said about what’s going on now, both good and the bad, but here’s what I took away: compared to other times there is a lot less repression, but we’re not using our relative freedom. There is more hopelessness. More a feeling of “what can I do?” Our inaction is a gift to business and other elements we should be protesting and speaking up about.

I will not be protesting today. I will be cleaning. The next two days are my annual Spring Cleaning. I just love sprucing up. I got up early even though it’s my day off and I didn’t have to.


Bike Invasion!!

Bikes all over the place!  This is what I saw when I came up out of the Chambers Street subway stop yesterday.  Tons and tons o’ bicyclists.  For the NYPD to pester.  (Sorry my NYPD friends. But what is it about you guys and bikes?  You hate them!)


More bicyclists. There were plenty of adorable junior bicyclists as well.


You Got That Right

On the weekends, when I take a different subway home, I see those three words from a sign in the distance.

I love those three words. It could be taken a number of ways, but for some reason I take it in a good way. Something great could happen at any time.

Although this morning I wake up and see that it was like The Hurt Locker in Times Square last night.