Science of Sound

I’m so glad I went to the panel. It was so good I was furiously taking notes and trying to listen at the same time. I wanted to go up to the panelists afterwards, but I was too tired and sniffley and my nose was too red for meeting people.

8 Hours Later … I wrote the above then noticed I was late for work and ran out the door. And now I have to feed cats, pill cats, shower, meet someone for dinner. No time for anything it seems. More about the panel tomorrow, hopefully.

Isn’t the world pretty at night, though? I took that picture heading home after the panel. Doesn’t it make you think of the movie Cinema Paradiso?


Happy Birthday to me!

I’m already late for work, I have to run. This is a view from my publisher’s office. I have things to say about my new publisher, but later!! I’m sick as a dog on my birthday! So no fair. All the things I planned for my two days off I had to postpone. So next week will have to be my pampering week. Which is fine!


I love alleys!

Dark, narrow, alleys. If I see one I must walk down it. The area where I’m working is all alleys, except I’m always rushed, so I’ve been reduced to taking a quick shot and moving on.


Someday I will have an apartment in an alley, that has a stream … and trees … and possums.