Thank you, Metro Baptist Church

I went to the memorial service for Nancy Lewis last night. I’m not religious and I never quite know what to make of people who are, but I was incredibly moved by the community of this church. One person after another got up and blew my mind with their stories, and with their spirit, and their love and kindness. Tiffany made me cry (I think it was Tiffany). She talked about the “burden and privilege” of waiting with Nancy until the funeral home picked her up. The woman who sang, (the whole choir, too) the guy who said he didn’t have many friends and Nancy was one of them, the guy who made us laugh, the ridiculously young pastor (is it pastor?) talking about the elder son. Thank you so much for that service. You did the best possible job of honoring our friend and I am grateful to you all.

That’s the church up on the left under the light.


Stacy Horn

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