A Blouse I Can’t Possess

I haven’t done this in a while, but every day I pass by beautiful clothes I long to possess! Isn’t this pretty? The picture is over-exposed I know, but you can still tell how special it is, I think.

Ugh. Didn’t sleep last night, and someone is taking me out to lunch and I’m mad that I will be too tired to completely enjoy being taken out to lunch. Damnit. And cheese will be involved!

I’ve begun my singing coal miners research. So far I know that there was a huge wave of Welsh immigrants in the 19th century who settled in Pennsylvania to work in the mines, working in mines was deadly, and they brought their singing ways with them. Now I’ve got to find a story in there. Of course there are millions, but I have to find the one that fits with my book.

I watched this documentary about a former mining town that has been on fire since 1962. It’s called The Town that Was. Sad.

So Much to Learn

I’ve started to make a list of all the new technology I have to learn when I hand in the first draft of my book and I have that wonderful, but brief period of free time. I feel like at some point it all got away from me and there’s a whole new world out there that I’m not living in. Thank God I tweet at least. Any suggestions? What’s fun (and new)?

I realized watching the Henry Darger documentary that I’m a bit Henry Darger-ish.

Another shot from Saturday’s Dance Parade.

In the Realms of the Unreal

I watched a documentary about Henry Darger, an artist I’ve posted about before, and I learned in Wikipedia that an online game called SissyFight, that was developed by the staff at Word, was still going until 2009! I didn’t know! (The person who ran Word is a friend.) All the players are girls and Darger was one of their influences.

I also watched a documentary about all the tornados last month and then wake up to the news about Joplin. Jesus Christ.

Union Square on Saturday.

Dance Parade

For the record, there was some action at the library too yesterday. Someone got married! Dance pictures below.

There were lots and lots of belly dancers, and all sorts of traditional dances from around the world, which was great, but there was almost NO hip hop, my favorite. Did all the hip hop dancers boycott the event or something? Does anyone know?

There was a decent amount of ballet, I got a real “Fame” like shot, but I like this one because it has the Broadway sign in it.

Wait, what the hell? Yes, there was even a pole dancer. A truck with a pole and this girl went by.

Here I’m just showing off that I caught the girl mid-air. These people weren’t even dancers, they were cheer leaders. Although that’s in the dance category these days, isn’t it?

Like these girls, one of the few groups doing any hip hop moves. I have a ton more pictures, but these are probably enough. So! Anyone got a post-rapture hang over?

Live Blogging God Disappointing the Faithful. Again.

8:36AM. This thing is already a bust! I’m terrible in geography, but isn’t it already past 6pm in Australia, New Zealand and China (and lots of other places if only I could pick them out on a map)?

<—This is Buddy sweetly trying to assure the faithful that God still loves them even though he didn’t take them and murder the rest of us.

10:37AM. I have just been reminded that today is the Dance Parade.  I think I will go watch that instead of going to the library.

6:06PM. Still here!!  I went to the Dance Parade AND the library. Two libraries, actually, but I didn’t make it to the second in time, it was closed.

I have 16,000 pictures of people dancing. I’m going to try to narrow it down to three.

How is everyone?  Anyone … disappear?

7:29PM. Still going through dance pictures.