Chris Rescues the Tasmanian Devil

My friend Chris called me in a panic yesterday. She’d rescued a kitten who bit her and when she tried to feed it, it foamed at the mouth.

She was afraid the kitten had rabies, but I thought it was more likely it didn’t like the food and was afraid (my cats sometimes foam at the mouth when I give them certain meds).

I googled it and if they stop foaming at the mouth after a half an hour then chances are it’s not rabies. It has since started eating, and is no longer foaming so Chris and the Tasmanian Devil are probably going to be fine. But it does have fleas. How do you treat a kitten this young for fleas?

It’s so cute though. I suggested the following names: Jaws, Mothra, Ghidra, Godzilla.

Baby Ducks

They’re not taking those home, are they? But maybe they are. Do people have ducks as pets? Maybe I want ducks for my birthday. Except no, the cats would probably kill them.

I read about a job recapping Bones on Craigslist. It doesn’t pay well, but I think I can’t resist. I’d be getting paid to watch my favorite tv show. What the hell!

My Birthday Week

This week I turn WAY OLDER. What shall I do for myself? I wish Super 8 was opening this weekend, then there would be nothing to decide. Lately I’ve had the strongest urge to go swimming. I probably wouldn’t last very long, I’d get out of breath quickly, and I don’t own a bathing suit, but I just feel like doing it. I wish I knew someone who had a pool.

Buddy, my beautiful cancer boy. He is still doing amazingly well. He was diagnosed what? A year and a half ago? And he’s still going strong.