Warehouse 13, Let Us Renew Our Vows

I’ve watched the Christmas episode of Warehouse 13 two times now, and I’m sure I’ll watch it a few more times before the season is out. Please tell me you’re all watching this show now. It’s the only other show I can think of like Bones where I love every single character.

God I’m so tired at the moment. I’ve been buried in my book, furiously editing, and I’m going to continue working on it day and night for the next couple of weeks, desperately trying to whip it into final ready-to-be-sent-back-to-my-editor shape. There’s a remote possibility it could come out in the fall, 2012. In reality, the possibility is very very very remote—the longest of long shots. More likely it will come out the following spring. But I have to give it a try!

Meanwhile, I’ve been lusting for winter boots. Not these boots, I don’t want knee-highs, but these would be perfect if they came up mid-calf. And cost $10.

Winter Boots on Bleecker Street

Things I Can’t Afford to Do

While waiting for the Lincoln Center branch of the library to open, after walking by the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City Ballet, I took refuge in the lobby of Avery Fisher Hall. It was a little disheartening to see sign after sign for one performance after another I can’t go to! I should explore the cheap seats more thoroughly. $65 was the least expensive ballet ticket, $30 for the opera. I’ll bet there are better deals to be had.

I took a picture of the sign for the annual Messiah Sing. It’s a monster, thousands go and sing. (Also expensive.)

Sign for Messiah Sing at Avery Fisher Hall

Why are there no sitcoms about people like me?

And by me I mean middle-aged, single, pathetic, but not completely unendearable (I just made up that word) and funny (what?). Finding a man would only be a minor side-plot, a running joke, like the conveyor belt of secretaries on Murphy Brown. I don’t mean that as a anti-man thing, but that’s what it’s like, going both ways. I think it’s a combination of we’re all the left-overs and we just don’t have the energy for dating we once had. If the sitcom were being made today I’d make finding a job the major focus. That could provide plenty of laugh-until-you-cry material.

A giant bulb decoration. It’s terrifying, right? Try batting that around, cats.

Christmas Decorations New York City

Tinnitus, Anyone?

I’m researching tinnitus specialists in New York City. I started to notice a ringing in my ears over the past few months. It’s a little maddening, but I’ve been using my MBSR meditation training to make it not be the center of my attention, which helps. Any tips about treatment or doctors would be much appreciated!

Buddy has been spending more and more time hanging out with me. This makes me a little nervous, because in the months before he died, my cat Beamers increasingly spent more time laying on the desk while I worked, and this is exactly what Buddy is doing.

My Cat Buddy Hanging Out On My Desk

What I Learned about Times Square During the Christmas Season

You don’t want to be there. See that crowd of people I’m coming up on? Once you hit that wall of people you can only inch along, it was absolutely maddening. I took these heading to our choir performance at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, which felt timeless and serene and other-worldly. I loved it in there.

Times Square During the Holidays

Once you turn onto a side street it’s more sane. This is 46th, the church is just beyond Rosie O’Grady’s. I love the cacophony of signs.

Times Square During the Holidays